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Struggling with profits? It’s time for a sourcing strategy overhaul. Did you know 98% of Chinese buyers don’t use English B2B platforms? Don’t waste time there. Cut out middlemen pretending to be manufacturers. Choose WOZO 1688 shop, your direct link to authentic suppliers. Transform your business and boost profits!

Top 1 Sourcing company in China

With 15 years of experience in china sourcing business

No Risk Free Sourcing No Hidden Fee

You can get Free detailed product quote before order

Trusted by over 1000 Customers

WOZO is your trusted sourcing agent partner in china

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Our 1688 Agent Service Procedure

We Sourcing, Negotiating, Purchasing, Quality Controlpick up, pack and ship your goods.

You enjoy a TIMESAVING import process from 1688. 

1688 agent

Our PROCUREMENT experts analyze 1688 shop options. We connect you only with trusted and budget-friendly manufacturers.

Minimize costs with us. Enjoy peace of mind via our thorough SUPPLIER SELECTION process. Count on us as your trusted 1688 agent for reliable sourcing.

Consolidate Orders

SAVE shipping space with WOZO’s CONSOLIDATION services. Buy products from multiple 1688 agent and RECEIVE all your goods in bulk.

Skip the STRESS about paperwork, export licenses, and customs clearance. PAY ONCE and wait at the door for your products.

Quality Control

You receive products that 100% meet your standards. Our agents check the materials, quality, and quantity of your goods. TWICE checking before shipping.

We request a product sample in your stead. Get LOYAL CUSTOMERS with TOP-TIER products. 

Private Label & Customized Products

STRENGTHEN your brand identity with customized products. Include your business LOGO in your goods for MAXIMUM marketing exposure.

Get LEVERAGE in pricing with unique packaging and models. Your privately labeled goods make your STORE look professional. 

Shipping and Fulfillment

Save HALF of your shipping costs. WOZO Sourcing’s fulfillment services cover all AIR, RAIL, and SEA freight. Allowing you to prioritize BUDGET, transit time, or both.

Get EXTRA discounts with recurring and bulk shipments. Ship more often for LESS money!

We Offer 1688 Agent Service for All Types of Buyers

Small Entity Wholesaler

WOZO Sourcing has YEARS of experience seeking low MOQ 1688 suppliers. You source the products your business needs. Skipping the HEFTY initial startup costs. 

Buy at WHOLESALE prices for as little as $500. Start making sales as a small entity business.

Small Supermarket Chain

Never run out of top-trending products for your small supermarket chain. WOZO Sourcing helps bypass the TIME-CONSUMING product development process. You find white-label finished products from REPUTABLE 1688 suppliers. The shortest waiting time is guaranteed. 

Release NEW PRODUCTS at your store consistently. Encouraging your buyers to keep coming back. Our product recommendations guarantee a HIGH-profit margin.

Standard Product Seller

Buy STANDARD products from 1688 suppliers for the cheapest rates. Our agents do all the leg work. Allowing you to SAVE TIME and MONEY. WOZO Soucing’s factory audit process ENSURES every model meets your standards. You focus more on your marketing and sales. 

8 Steps ! Get you Import From China.

1. Provide Your Order List Give us the LIST of products you want to source from 1688.com. You may use links, images, or product names.
2. Receive The Best Quote WOZO Sourcing’s negotiation experts WIN you the best price quotations for your order.
3. Make Secure Payment Use a SECURE payment gateway to pay the invoice you receive from our team.
4. Order Purchase Goods We purchase your products from your 1688 agent.
5. Quality Control Check Each of your products goes THROUGH quality control checkpoints twice. You guarantee to receive SELLABLE goods.
6. Careful Packaging Careful WRAPPING and packing of your orders with high-quality packaging materials.
7. Shipping To Your Location We SHIP to your location using customized shipping solutions. Stay within your budget and shipping timeline.
8. Receive Your Package Receive your goods at the doorstep. No need to LEAVE your house or warehouse.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Sourcing Company

WOZO Sourcing is a professional procurement company in China. We have contacted and served many buyers who can solve your needs and problems very professionally and quickly, Source and SHIP goods with maximum security.

Professional Customized Solutions

RECEIVE customized sourcing solutions. AIMING to help you earn profits and ESTABLISH your brand in the long run.

All-in-one Service Provider

Total Solutions: WOZO Sourcing takes care of 3PL, white-labeling, shipping – empowering your eCommerce success. No buts or excuses.


Product ValueService Fee (negotiable)Links Quantity
Less than $500$50<20
$500 – $1,00010%<30
$1,000 – $3,0009%<40
$3,000 – $5,0008.5%<50
$5,000 – $7,0008%<60
$7,000 – $10,0007.5%<70
$10,000 – $15,0007%<80
$15,000 – $20,0006.5%<90
$20,000 – $25,0006%<100
$25,000 – $30,0005.5%<110
$30,000 +5%<120
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