Is Dhgate Legit

Is DHgate legal? Unveiling the Truth: Dhgate Reviews

If you peruse online DHGate reviews, you’ll discover that the platform has gained a reputation for vending subpar merchandise. Consequently, a common query arises: Is DHGate a safe and legitimate company to make purchases from?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to recognize that DHGate operates as a marketplace and does not vend its own products. Much like AliExpress and Ebay, DHGate serves as a platform for various sellers to conduct online transactions.

Given the vast array of product listings, it becomes challenging to monitor every item, leading to the possibility of encountering dishonest sellers peddling low-quality or worthless items.

However, DHGate, established in 2004, is a reputable company that annually generates substantial revenue, attesting to its success. Overall, DHGate thrives by delivering value to its customers.

Similar to any marketplace, navigating the platform requires a keen understanding of the landscape and taking necessary precautions to avoid falling victim to unscrupulous practices.

This guide aims to educate you on securely making purchases from DHGate, ensuring you don’t fall prey to scams.

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What Is Dhgate
Is DHgate legal? Unveiling the Truth: Dhgate Reviews 12

What is DHgate?

DHgate is an online marketplace that connects buyers from around the world with Chinese suppliers. It was founded in 2004 and has since become one of the largest B2B (business-to-business) platforms globally.

The most similar competitor to DHGate is AliExpress. Like AliExpress, DHgate offers a wide range of products, including electronics, clothing, accessories, and more. With millions of registered users and thousands of sellers, has become a leader in the e-commerce industry.

More than 90% of the sellers on DHGate are Chinese, and most are not real factories. Most of the items on DHGate are sourced from different wholesalers.

So if you want to create your own private label or need a steady supply of products, DHGate is not for you.

Most sellers on DHGate are merchants who sell excess products at discounted prices, or have stock items.

This means that once the inventory is sold out, it will no longer be sold, so it is difficult for you to stably and continuously supply the exact same products.

However, if you want to test the market you want to enter with a small number of items, then DHGate is perfect for you

Tips: Top 30 Items Ideal for Reselling on DHgate

Dhgate Reviews
Is DHgate legal? Unveiling the Truth: Dhgate Reviews 13

DHgate reviews: customer reviews Pros and cons

Customer opinions on DHgate vary, with some commending the platform while others voice dissatisfaction. Consequently, DHgate maintains an average rating of 3.5 stars, reflecting the diverse feedback from users.

Positive remarks highlight DHgate’s affordability and dependable shipping, but criticisms center around customer service and shipping delays. Despite these concerns, DHgate provides a robust dispute resolution system, leading to numerous positive reports of customers successfully resolving issues with sellers.

Pros and Cons Based on Customer Reviews

DHgate stands out for its consistently low shopping costs, a major pro highlighted in user reviews. Many users have shared their success in discovering budget-friendly deals on items that are typically more expensive elsewhere.

Another positive aspect is the extensive range of products available on the platform. DHgate boasts a diverse selection, offering users numerous choices when browsing through their offerings.

However, some users have encountered drawbacks when using DHgate. A notable concern is the variable quality of delivered goods, causing apprehension among customers. While many customers have had positive experiences, a few have faced issues with subpar or incorrectly shipped items.

Lengthy shipping times emerge as another common complaint. In some instances, packages can take months to reach their destination.

In conclusion, DHgate proves to be a valuable option for those seeking affordable products. Nonetheless, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and read reviews before making a purchase to ensure a satisfactory shopping experience.

How to see reviews on dhgate

To view reviews on DHgate, you can follow these steps:

How To Find Reviews On Dhgate
Is DHgate legal? Unveiling the Truth: Dhgate Reviews 14

Visit DHgate Website: Open the official DHgate website (

Search for the Product: Use the search bar to find the specific product you are interested in purchasing.

Product Page: Click on the product you are interested in to view its detailed page.

Scroll Down to Reviews: On the product page, scroll down to find the customer reviews section. This is typically located below the product description and specifications.

Read Reviews: You should see a list of reviews and ratings from other buyers who have purchased the same product. Reviews often include information about the product’s quality, shipping time, and the overall satisfaction of the buyers.

Filter and Sort: Some platforms allow you to filter reviews based on criteria such as positive/negative feedback or the date of the review. Look for such options to customize your review browsing experience.

Seller Feedback: In addition to product reviews, you may also find feedback about the seller. This information can be valuable in assessing the reliability of the seller.

Consider Multiple Sources: If possible, consider checking reviews from multiple sources or platforms to get a more comprehensive understanding of the product and the seller’s reputation.

How To See Reviews On Dhgate
Is DHgate legal? Unveiling the Truth: Dhgate Reviews 15
Dhgate Reviews With Pictures
Is DHgate legal? Unveiling the Truth: Dhgate Reviews 16

There are three websites that provide comprehensive reviews for DHgate:

SiteJabber is a platform where users can submit and read reviews about various online businesses, including e-commerce websites like DHgate. The provided link leads to the SiteJabber page specifically dedicated to collecting reviews for DHgate.

Trustpilot is an independent online review platform where users can share and explore reviews and opinions about various companies and services. Users can purchase goods through this platform, and the reviews on Trustpilot may provide insights into the experiences of other users with the website and its services.

“Trust Index” is sometimes used to describe a company’s reputation index or ratings for products or services. Some websites provide user reviews and ratings to help consumers make informed decisions about other websites, companies, or products.

Are dhgate reviews fake?

Reviewing the Supplier’s History on DHGate and Cross-Referencing It with Reviews

By investigating the seller’s track record on DHgate and comparing it with customer reviews, you can distinguish between authentic and false feedback. DHgate allows suppliers to establish a reliable reputation, making it advisable to scrutinize the supplier’s background and juxtapose it with customer reviews.

Building trust and a client base takes time; it’s uncommon for a supplier to enter the online market and instantly attract buyers, let alone receive all 5-star reviews.

It’s essential to understand that only around 50% of satisfied customers typically leave reviews, while dissatisfied customers are more likely to share their experiences.

An All 5-Star or 1-Star Review Pattern Indicates Potential Fraudulence

Even well-established suppliers rarely have a perfect track record of all 5-star reviews. For instance, Lucyjewelry, with over 65,593 transactions and a golden badge, maintains a 99.2% positive review ratio, indicating a mix of feedback.

A supplier boasting 100% positive feedback and exclusively 5-star reviews raises suspicions of potential falsification. Similarly, a supplier with only 1-star reviews is also implausible.

Attempting to Connect with Previous Customers Can Provide Insight

While reaching out to past customers of a DHgate provider can offer valuable insights, it’s crucial to note that this may not always be feasible.

Online marketplaces like DHgate prioritize user privacy, making it challenging to access contact information without explicit consent from previous clients.

Scrutinize Reviews for Specific Details

Genuine reviews often contain valuable information about the product and the overall buying experience. Look for reviews that delve into specific features, product quality, and customer service.

Details about the shipping and delivery process, including the shipping method, delivery time, and packaging, are often mentioned in authentic evaluations. Pay attention to reviews that provide specific insights into the shipment and delivery experience.

How to see dhgate reviews with pictures

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, DHgate allows buyers to leave reviews with pictures, but the availability of this feature may vary depending on the product and seller. Here’s a general guide on how you can view reviews with pictures on DHgate:

Visit DHgate Website: Go to the DHgate website and log in to your account.

Search for the Product: Use the search bar to find the specific product you’re interested in.

Select the Product: Click on the product listing to view its details.

Scroll Down to Reviews Section: Scroll down the product page until you find the “Customer Reviews” or “Feedback” section. This is where reviews and ratings are usually displayed.

Look for Reviews with Pictures: Browse through the reviews and look for those that include pictures. Reviews with pictures often provide a more detailed and visual representation of the product.

Click on Individual Reviews: Some platforms allow you to click on individual reviews to see more details. If pictures are attached to a review, they are typically displayed along with the written feedback.

Filter Options: Some websites, including DHgate, may offer filter options. Check for filters like “With Pictures” or similar, which can help you narrow down the reviews to those with attached images.

Is Dhgate Safe Wozo Sourcing
Is DHgate legal? Unveiling the Truth: Dhgate Reviews 17

Is DHgate legit? Is dhgate safe?

Contrary to some negative opinions, making purchases on DHGate is quite secure, thanks to their reliable “Returns & Refund Guarantee.” When you buy a product on DHGate and it doesn’t match the description, DHGate steps in to assist in resolving the issue.

If the dispute remains unresolved and DHGate decides in your favor, they will refund the full amount. Adding an extra layer of security, DHGate offers a “Buyer Protection” program, functioning similarly to an escrow service.

This program ensures that DHGate withholds the funds for your purchase until the entire order is received. Only after confirming the delivery and satisfaction with the goods will DHGate release the payment to the seller. This Buyer Protection program plays a crucial role in eliminating fraud, as DHGate freezes the seller’s funds in case of a dispute.

In summary, buying from DHGate is entirely safe because:

  1. DHGate tracks your shipment and ensures its delivery.
  2. DHGate assists in resolving disputes related to product quality.
  3. Sellers only receive payment after the buyer accepts the merchandise.

It’s important to note that these protections apply exclusively to transactions conducted through DHGate. If you engage directly with the seller, these safeguards won’t be in place.

Why is dhgate so cheap?

Why is DHgate so cheap? This popular online marketplace offers significant cost savings for several reasons:

Excess Stock Clearance: Many sellers on DHgate, including manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers, aim to clear excess stock. Selling at lower prices allows them to move inventory quickly without seeking substantial profits.

Direct Selling, No Middlemen: The absence of middlemen in the supply chain contributes to lower prices. Sellers, often manufacturers, sell directly to buyers on DHgate, eliminating additional costs associated with intermediaries.

No Physical Store Costs: DHgate operates solely online, eliminating the need for physical stores, saving sellers money on rent, staff, and other expenses. This online model allows them to pass on these savings to buyers.

Bulk Selling: Sellers on DHgate often sell in bulk, offering reduced prices for larger quantities. Buying in bulk allows sellers to minimize shipping costs from China, leading to additional savings passed on to the buyers.

Stiff Competition: Intense competition among sellers on DHgate encourages lower prices. Sellers compete for business, resulting in price reductions to attract buyers.

Negotiation: Buyers on DHgate can negotiate prices with sellers, providing an opportunity for additional discounts. Some sellers may offer lower prices for larger quantities, further enhancing the potential for cost savings.

Low Production Costs in China: China’s manufacturing prowess and low labor costs contribute to lower production costs. Chinese manufacturers efficiently produce high-quality goods at competitive prices, benefiting both sellers and buyers.

Low Fee Structure: DHgate operates on a low commission basis compared to other e-commerce platforms. The reduced commission fees enable sellers to offer products at lower prices.

No Advertising Costs: DHgate relies on word-of-mouth and search engine rankings instead of extensive advertising. The absence of advertising costs allows sellers to keep prices lower.

Low Taxation in China: China’s tax structure, with no sales tax (VAT) or national income tax for buyers, contributes to lower overall costs compared to regions with additional taxes and fees.

In summary, the combination of factors such as excess stock clearance, direct selling, online operations, bulk selling, competition, negotiation options, low production costs, a minimal fee structure, no advertising costs, and favorable taxation in China collectively make DHgate a platform where buyers can find products at significantly lower prices.

DHgate buyer protection and guarantees

DHgate provides a secure shopping experience through its comprehensive Returns & Refund Guarantee. If a purchased product doesn’t match its description, DHgate intervenes to resolve disputes, offering a full refund in cases ruled in favor of the buyer.

The Buyer Protection Program acts as an escrow service, holding funds until the buyer confirms complete order receipt and satisfaction. Payment is released to the seller only after the buyer’s confirmation, minimizing fraud risk and ensuring buyers pay for satisfactory products.

DHgate enhances transparency with shipment tracking for buyers to monitor delivery status, keeping them informed about their purchased items’ whereabouts.

In cases of disputes related to product quality, DHgate assists in finding a fair resolution, mediating instances of subpar or defective items.

Sellers receive payment only after the buyer accepts the merchandise, aligning interests and ensuring compensation for providing satisfying products.

Note: These protections apply when transactions are conducted through DHgate. Engaging directly with sellers outside the platform may void these safeguards.

In summary, DHgate’s Buyer Protection and Guarantees prioritize customer satisfaction, offering a secure and reliable platform for online purchases. The system is designed to build trust and confidence, making DHgate a preferred choice for safe and protected transactions.

DHgate seller ratings: How to choose a trustworthy seller

As a buyer navigating the vast landscape of sellers on DHgate, the importance of choosing the right one cannot be overstated. In this article, I aim to provide you with insights and strategies to simplify the decision-making process, ultimately saving you both time and money on the platform.

One effective strategy is to leverage the search bar as your primary tool. By inputting specific keywords related to the desired product, you can swiftly narrow down options and avoid sifting through countless pages. Utilizing the “Seller rating” feature, located above the search results, allows you to prioritize reputable sellers based on their trust rating.

Understanding the built-in “trust rating” system is crucial. This score, assigned to each seller, considers factors such as successful transactions, tenure on DHgate, and other relevant metrics. For instance, a trust rating of “99.2%” indicates a high success rate, showcasing the seller’s commitment to honest business practices.

China Best Wholesalers Dhgate
Is DHgate legal? Unveiling the Truth: Dhgate Reviews 18

Keyword search plays a pivotal role in finding sellers. Employing specific and relevant keywords, such as “red dress” or “prom dress,” enhances the accuracy of search results. Be cautious not to overload the search with excessive keywords, as this may lead to an overwhelming number of results.

Directly entering the seller’s ID in the search box or searching by seller name are efficient methods if you already have a specific seller in mind. Additionally, browsing categories and sub-categories, rather than general terms, helps streamline the search process. Filters on the left side of the page further refine results based on price range, seller feedback rating, and other criteria.

Visiting the seller’s store directly provides a more in-depth view of their professionalism and product range. Sorting search results by price allows you to identify reasonably priced items from trustworthy sellers. Checking for buyer protection records, feedback scores, and buyer satisfaction ratings are essential steps in ensuring a positive purchasing experience.

Dhgate Seller Ratings
Is DHgate legal? Unveiling the Truth: Dhgate Reviews 19

For added assurance, explore the Verified Suppliers List and Gold Suppliers List, comprising trusted sellers who have undergone rigorous review processes. As you navigate DHgate, keep in mind the significance of a seller’s transaction history, emphasizing reliability and safety.

While some conventional metrics, like Positive Feedback, may be subject to manipulation, assessing a seller’s experience and the variety of items they offer can provide a more accurate reflection of their credibility. Additionally, cross-referencing serial numbers or model numbers for electronics can enhance your confidence in the product’s authenticity.

Dhgate Shipping Time
Is DHgate legal? Unveiling the Truth: Dhgate Reviews 20

How long does dhgate take to ship

Order processing time is a crucial aspect often overlooked by buyers on DHgate, where the focus tends to shift towards shipping time. Nevertheless, several processes precede the actual shipment of orders, making processing time a significant factor that should not be underestimated.

The processing time varies based on factors such as the order’s size and whether it is within the seller’s current stock. Typically, it ranges from 3 to 15 working days to fulfill and dispatch the order. Dhgate offers flexibility in shipping periods, taking into account order stock status, buyer location, seller source, and shipping method. The platform provides estimated delivery times on its website to give buyers a clear expectation.

Upon selecting products and completing the order payment, sellers process and transfer the parcel to a courier service for shipping. The choice of the courier service depends on shipping options, even if it is a free service. DHgate commonly uses shipping options like FedEx, Singapore Post, UPS, China Post, DHL, Hong Kong Post, and EMS.

Shipping methods include air freight, sea freight, and express shipment. Air freight is the fastest but can be expensive, taking 5 to 14 days for delivery. Sea freight is cost-effective for bulk orders but slower, requiring 30 to 40 days for delivery. Express shipment, provided by DHgate’s partners like DHL, FedEx, and UPS, is the quickest, with a delivery time of 3 to 5 days.

The overall shipping period on DHgate is influenced by various factors, including order processing time, the number of goods or orders, shipping method, holidays, accidents, and the location of the buyer and seller. The chat feature on the website allows buyers to communicate with sellers about the order status if the processing time appears extended. Typically, the delivery period ranges from 3 to 25 working days.

DHgate’s shipping terms and conditions consider factors such as shipping methods, destination, courier service, and more. While the provided shipping time is one month, buyers can opt for courier services for faster delivery (additional cost may apply). The average delivery times for various DHgate shipping methods are as follows:

  1. China Post: 4-6 weeks
  2. DHL, DHL- Abroad: 1-2 days to 3 weeks
  3. EMS, Quick: 4-15 days
  4. FedEx, FedEx- Abroad: 1-7 days
  5. Hong Kong Post/Singapore Post: 10-27 days
  6. UPS: 3-14 days
  7. TNT: 2-9 days
Processing TimeTypically 3 to 15 working days, influenced by order size and seller’s stock availability
Shipping Period3 to 25 working days, affected by factors such as processing time, shipping method, and location
Shipping MethodsAir Freight: 5 to 14 days for delivery
Sea Freight: 30 to 40 days for delivery
Express Shipment: 3 to 5 days for delivery
Common CouriersFedEx, Singapore Post, UPS, China Post, DHL, Hong Kong Post, EMS
CommunicationChat feature available for communication with sellers about order status
DHgate Shipping TermsProvided shipping time: 1 month; faster delivery options available (additional cost may apply)
Average Delivery TimesChina Post: 4-6 weeks
DHL, DHL-Abroad: 1-2 days to 3 weeks
EMS, Quick: 4-15 days
FedEx, FedEx-Abroad: 1-7 days
Hong Kong Post/Singapore Post: 10-27 days
UPS: 3-14 days
TNT: 2-9 days
dhgate shipping time

Understanding these factors and choosing suitable shipping options can help buyers make informed decisions and manage their expectations for order delivery on DHgate.

10 Websites to DHgate Alternatives

AlibabaLeading B2B e-commerce platform, similar to DHgate, connecting global buyers with Chinese manufacturers.Alibaba
AliExpressRetail platform under Alibaba Group, catering to individual customers with a wide range of products.AliExpress
Made-in-China.comB2B platform connecting global buyers with Chinese manufacturers, offering a diverse range of
Global SourcesB2B e-commerce platform focusing on providing information about manufacturers and suppliers in Asia.Global Sources
BanggoodChinese online retailer offering various products, including electronics, clothing, and home goods.Banggood
LightInTheBoxGlobal online retailer headquartered in China, specializing in fashion, home, and electronic products.LightInTheBox
TomtopChinese online retailer providing a wide range of products, including electronics, home goods, and toys.Tomtop
GearbestChinese online retailer with a focus on electronics, clothing, and home goods, serving a global customer base.Gearbest
TmartOnline retailer headquartered in China, offering various products, including electronics and home goods.Tmart
ChinavasionChina-based online retailer specializing in wholesale electronics and consumer electronics products.Chinavasion


1. DHgate payment methods and security

DHgate offers a variety of payment methods to accommodate user preferences, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, DHpay, WebMoney, and Western Union. The platform employs Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to secure data transmission, ensuring the confidentiality of user information. Additionally, DHgate has a Buyer Protection program, verified seller badges, and user reviews and ratings to enhance security and build buyer confidence. It is advisable to check the DHgate website for the most up-to-date information on accepted payment methods and security measures.

2. DHgate return policy and refunds

DHgate implements a return policy that typically allows buyers to return items for reasons such as receiving damaged or defective products, discrepancies with the item description, or a change of mind. The process involves communication between the buyer and seller for issue resolution. If a resolution cannot be reached, buyers may open a dispute on the DHgate platform, providing evidence to support their claim. DHgate may mediate disputes and, if in favor of the buyer, issue refunds in the original payment method or as DHgate Wallet credit. It is essential for buyers to review individual seller return policies and check DHgate’s official website for the latest information on their return and refund processes.

3. Dhgate affiliate program

The DHgate affiliate program offers individuals an opportunity to earn commissions by promoting DHgate products. Participants can sign up through the DHgate website, receiving unique referral links for sharing across various channels. The program typically provides a commission structure based on a percentage of the sale amount, with tools for tracking and analytics to monitor performance. Affiliates may access promotional materials, including banners and product images, to enhance their promotional efforts. Commissions are paid out on a regular schedule, and participants should review the program’s terms and conditions for adherence. It is advisable to check the DHgate website for the latest details on the affiliate program.

4. Tips for a safe and successful shopping experience on DHgate

Ensuring a secure and successful shopping experience on DHgate involves several key tips. Firstly, research sellers thoroughly by examining ratings, reviews, and transaction history to ensure reliability. Secondly, carefully read product descriptions, specifications, and shipping details to avoid surprises upon delivery. Utilize secure payment methods such as credit cards and DHpay to protect against fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Understanding DHgate’s return policy and individual seller return conditions is crucial in case of receiving damaged or unsatisfactory products. Checking for verified seller badges and choosing sellers with higher trust ratings enhances the likelihood of a trustworthy transaction. User reviews provide valuable insights into the quality of products and the reliability of sellers.

Protect personal information and be cautious about sharing sensitive data to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud. Create strong, unique passwords for your DHgate account to enhance security. Regularly monitor your account for unauthorized activity, promptly identifying and addressing any suspicious behavior.

Staying informed about DHgate’s policies, terms of service, and any changes is essential for compliance and an overall positive experience. In case of issues, don’t hesitate to utilize DHgate’s customer support for prompt assistance. By following these tips, shoppers can navigate DHgate with confidence, ensuring a safe and successful online shopping experience.

5. How to ensure that the products I receive match the images on DHgate?

Buyers can ensure that the products they receive match the images on DHgate by thoroughly examining pictures, scrutinizing details, and comparing them with the product descriptions.

They can also request additional photos or information from the seller and maintain a record of any communication with the seller.

6. If DHgate products are proven to be counterfeit, What should you do?

If you discover that products purchased from DHgate are counterfeit, take immediate action. Document evidence with clear photos or videos and keep all relevant receipts. Contact DHgate’s customer service to report the issue and request a refund or replacement.

If needed, open a dispute through the DHgate platform with the evidence provided. Understand DHgate’s buyer protection policy, and consider contacting your payment provider for assistance. After resolution, leave feedback, and be cautious with future purchases. Optionally, report the incident to authorities. Stay persistent and calm, as e-commerce platforms typically have procedures to address counterfeit products and protect buyers.

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