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Home Decor

Immerse yourself in the world of home decor with our direct sourcing. Discover popular categories like wall art, lamps, and scented candles for your perfect fit.

Direct Sourcing Wozo Categories Home Supplies


Home and kitchen appliances offer higher profit margins than standard products. Ensure compliance with regulations in different countries before importing.



Source and customize household, outdoor, commercial, and smart lighting with us. From LED lighting to candles and accessories, we have it all covered.



Discover a vast array of sundry categories. Find your niche market within these general products to minimize competition and increase profitability.



Profitable category spanning sanitary supplies, shower products, and small appliances. Capitalize on private labels to build your brand or customize items.

Bathroom Supplies


Uncover a wide range of bedding selections: pillows, blankets, sleeping masks, bed sheets, and more. Experience comfort with quality materials like fiber, cotton, plush, polyester, wool, and more.


Kitchen & Dining

Discover a diverse range of kitchen utensils in popular materials like metal, silicone, wood, glass, and synthetic options. Ensure all utensils meet the required certificates.

Kitchen &Amp; Dining

Smoking Accessories

Vape, water pipes, hookah are hot-selling in Arab States, USA, and European markets. Customize in various shapes, colors, patterns to boost sales.

Elfbar Vape Pod

Need More Product Categories?

Explore diverse categories! Can’t find what you need? Let us know! Import from China hassle-free.

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