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3 Reasons for 3PL Warehouse Service

Specialized Services

Products from various suppliers are brought into our warehouse.

Cost Reduction

We offer global warehousing and distribution services to businesses.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Unser skilled team can assemble, package, and label your products.

How It Works

Our Services and Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions

Full logistics support for warehouse, transportation, and distribution, ensuring proper product handling throughout the supply chain.

Efficient Warehouse Management

Utilizing the latest system for accurate inventory control, real-time updates, and precise checks, ensuring efficient warehouse services.

3Pl Warehouse Service

Personalized Services

Tailored logistics solutions, adjusting to your unique needs, business model, and goals for a perfect match.

Smart Technology Integration

Leading with cutting-edge digital technologies, implementing smart logistics and data analysis for consistently optimized supply chains.


Inventory management made easy

Get real-time reporting on your shipments and inventory. Know where your products are, when they’ll arrive, and when stock is low.


The process is easy!


Understanding Your Needs

We take the time to understand your business requirements, challenges, and goals. Through a detailed assessment, we identify opportunities for optimization within your supply chain.


Tailored Solutions Design

Our team of specialists designs a tailored 3PL solution just for you. This involves selecting the most suitable services, determining optimal warehouse locations, and integrating cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency and visibility.


Executing Your 3PL Strategy

Our dedicated implementation team ensures a smooth transition, minimizing disruptions. Throughout the process, we provide ongoing support, monitoring performance, and making adjustments to guarantee continuous optimization.

China Warehouse Solution

China Warehouse Solution

Located in Yiwu, China’s second-largest port, the WOZO warehouse offers an ideal place to gather goods and carry out quality control checks before shipping.


I was drowning in the complexity of logistics until I found WOZO. Their 3PL services simplified everything!

No more headaches over intricate supply chain issues. It’s like they have a magic wand to make logistics easy.

Ethan Wilson


The cost-effectiveness of their services makes them our go-to 3PL partner. What’s even more impressive is that the speed doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. Speed, affordability, and fantastic service – a winning combination!

Isabella Rossi


Fast, faster, Their 3PL services are like a speed boost for our supply chain. Our customers love the lightning-fast delivery, and we love the competitive prices.

Oliver Müller

RFQ - 3PL Services

A: 3PL refers to Third-Party Logistics, where companies outsource logistics functions. In China, 3PL providers handle transportation, warehousing, and distribution, streamlining supply chain operations.

A: A 3PL warehouse, or Third-Party Logistics warehouse, is a facility operated by a third-party logistics provider that offers storage, distribution, and fulfillment services to businesses that outsource their logistics and supply chain management functions. These warehouses play a crucial role in the overall supply chain by providing businesses with a cost-effective and efficient way to manage their inventory and distribution.

A: Businesses of all sizes and industries, such as Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, E-commerce, Manufacturers, Retailers, Healthcare, and Global Companies, can benefit from 3PL services to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and focus on core competencies.

A: Chinese 3PL providers employ advanced technologies for inventory tracking, offering real-time visibility, accuracy, and efficient control over stock levels.

A: Chinese 3PL providers adhere to international standards, implement security protocols, and stay updated on regulatory changes to ensure supply chain security and compliance.

Are you spending too much?

Ready to revolutionize your logistics? Contact us today for a personalized consultation and discover how our 3PL services can elevate your business.

Benötigen Sie weitere Dienste?


Beschaffung aus China​

Our services in supply management and China sourcing encompass the processes of sourcing, manufacturing, and delivery.

Amazon FBA Vorbereitungsdienste

We optimize Amazon FBA processes by comprehensively managing inventory, including sourcing, inspection, preparation, packaging, and storage.


Supplier Verification checks if partners are reliable and compliant, reducing business risks through thorough investigation.

Kundenspezifische Fertigung

Custom Manufacturing tailors products to your specific needs, offering unique solutions through personalized production

Benefits of Renting a Warehouse in China

Great Location:

China is like a central hub for making and trading stuff globally. Renting a warehouse here helps move things faster.

Super Fast Deliveries:

Having a warehouse in China means quicker deliveries, making it easier to get products to customers faster.

Saves Money:

Warehousing costs are not too high in China. Renting a warehouse here helps save money on storing, moving stuff around, and overall logistics.

Lots of Ways to Move Things:

China has lots of different ways to move things. Renting a warehouse lets businesses use this big network to reach more customers.

Government Help:

The Chinese government gives some extra help to companies dealing with warehouses. This helps businesses grow.

Change Size Easily:

Renting a warehouse makes it easy for businesses to get more space or less space as needed. This way, there’s no big risk in building their own place.

Experts Manage Everything:

The warehouses are managed by experts from special logistics companies. They take care of storing, managing, and moving stuff so businesses can focus on what they do best.

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