Is Alibaba com Legit? In this article, I will delve into the world of, explore the Alibaba scams and fraudsters, and provide you with valuable tips to ensure safe transactions on the platform.

Is Alibaba Legit?

Is Alibaba legit? Absolutely. Just make sure to follow the necessary precautions and you’ll be well on your way to discovering new business opportunities on this platform.

When it comes to online marketplaces, skepticism is only natural. With, the concerns mainly revolve around the authenticity of the suppliers and the quality of the products offered. It’s important to remember that is a platform that connects buyers and sellers, and it’s up to you to exercise due diligence.

To determine if is legit, start by researching the company you plan to do business with. Check their website, read customer reviews, and look for any red flags. Additionally, you can use’s tools and resources to verify the legitimacy of the supplier, which I will discuss in detail later in this article.

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Is Alibaba Com Legit
¿Es Alibaba com legítimo?

How to avoid Alibaba scams?

While Alibaba is a legitimate platform, there are scammers and fraudsters who try to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers. To avoid falling victim to Alibaba scams, it’s crucial to follow a few essential steps.

Firstly, never rush into a transaction. Take your time to research the supplier thoroughly. Look for any signs of inconsistencies or suspicious behavior. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts and proceed with caution.

Secondly, communicate directly with the supplier. Ask for samples, certifications, and any other relevant documents that can verify the legitimacy of their business. A genuine supplier will be more than willing to provide you with the necessary information.

Lastly, use secure payment methods. offers a secure payment system called Trade Assurance, which provides protection against scams and fraud. Opt for this payment method whenever possible, and avoid making direct payments to suppliers through unconventional methods.

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Tips for safe transactions on

To ensure safe transactions on, here are some valuable tips to keep in mind:

Research, research, research

Thoroughly research the supplier and their products before making a purchase. Look for reviews, certifications, and any other indicators of legitimacy.

Start small

When dealing with a new supplier, it’s advisable to place a small order to test their reliability and the quality of their products. If everything goes smoothly, you can gradually increase your orders.

Communicate effectively

Clearly communicate your requirements and expectations to the supplier. Ask questions, seek clarifications, and establish a good line of communication.

Inspect samples

Before placing a large order, request samples to evaluate the quality of the products. This way, you can avoid any unpleasant surprises later on.

Alibaba buyer protection and dispute resolution understands the concerns of buyers and has implemented buyer protection policies to safeguard your interests. If you encounter any issues with a supplier, you can file a dispute through’s dispute resolution system. The platform will mediate between you and the supplier to reach a fair resolution.

To be eligible for’s buyer protection, it’s crucial to keep detailed records of your transactions, including communication with the supplier, order details, and payment receipts. This documentation will provide evidence in case a dispute arises.

Alibaba Buyer Protection
Alibaba buyer protection

Verifying suppliers on offers several tools and resources to help you verify the legitimacy of suppliers. These tools can significantly reduce the risk of falling prey to fraudsters. Here are some key tools you can utilize:

Verificación de proveedores provides a Supplier Verification service, which verifies a supplier’s business license, certifications, and other relevant documents. This service offers an additional layer of confidence in your supplier selection process.

Gold Supplier

Suppliers with a Gold Supplier status on have undergone a thorough verification process by a third-party inspection agency. This status indicates a higher level of trustworthiness and reliability.

Trade Assurance

As mentioned earlier,’s Trade Assurance provides protection to buyers against scams and fraud. It ensures that your payment is released to the supplier only after you confirm satisfactory receipt of the products.

Alibaba vs Temu

Alibaba Vs Temu
Alibaba vs Temu

Business Model

Temu is a seller itself. Its business model relies more on B2C sales. This means that Temu sellers retail products to consumers. Ship on time.

Alibaba focuses more on B2B, connecting buyers and suppliers. Chinese suppliers sell products on Alibaba. Small businesses come to buy.

Alibaba is not a seller like Temu. Alibaba is just a platform to connect businesses.

Price Comparison

Temu is a B2C site. But the prices are very low. For example, you can buy a necklace for $0.99. Incredibly cheap price. Alibaba can’t do that. Because Temu can provide one item. Whereas on Alibaba, you have to place more super large orders.

Alibaba is good for bulk orders. For no MOQ, there are fewer products available on Alibaba.


Temu offers free shipping for almost all orders worldwide. It may take 8-25 days to arrive. Express delivery services are also available.

Alibaba is not like that. Most sellers have their own shipping options. Shipping may take 20-40 days.

MarketIt is relatively new. So, less market share.45% share in eCommerce is great
Interface and User ExperienceThe App has 100M+ downloads and a 4.5-star rating.The App has 100M+ downloads and a 4.4-star rating.
Price RangePrices are lower, but more expensive than Alibaba.Prices are lower than Temu.
Product Variety and QualityOne million plus products with good quality.One hundred million plus products with good quality.
Shipping and DeliveryShipping takes 8-25 days.Shipping takes 20-40 days.
Customer ServiceAverage customer support.Best customer team.
Refund and Return Policy90 days to return an item30-60 days to return an item.
Customer ExperienceAverage customer experienceBest customer experience
Envío directoNo dropshipping facilityDropshipping is available.

Alibaba coupons

How to use coupons?

1) Copy or memorize your coupon code. (Coupon codes are case-sensitive)

2) Go to the purchase page, select the subscription resource, and then add the resource to the shopping cart or submit the order directly.

3) On the order confirmation page, enter a valid coupon code in the coupon code field and click Redeem. The system automatically completes the coupon redemption and displays the coupon.

4) View the coupons for the available resources automatically selected by the system.

5) Confirm the new price and complete the payment.

Tips with Alibaba coupons

  • You can only use the coupon for the service or scenario for which the coupon applies.
  • If the order has been paid, the coupon for that order will not be refunded.

Ordering Samples from Alibaba

Generally, buyers request samples on their own, and when a supplier has expressed willingness to send a sample, you simply check a box on the product page.

You can introduce yourself and your company, and describe the product sample in as much detail as possible – you should send all the same information as you would for the product itself, and you can also request information about their company from the seller. Most importantly, don’t forget to provide the address you would like the sample to be shipped to.

Why are samples ordering samples on Alibaba so expensive?

Samples on Alibaba are very expensive, but the prices are different from different suppliers. You can request samples from multiple suppliers to see who is charging too much.

It is not uncommon for a sample to cost $50 to $100 for a product that retails for $10. This is because the business is set up to produce and ship in large quantities. Shipping a single sample is a waste of the supplier’s time or resources.

Samples are generally divided into two types: factory samples and custom samples.

Factory samples – products that are already produced by the factory and can be shipped quickly at a reasonable price.

Custom samples – products that are specially produced according to the seller’s requirements. (Depending on the customization requirements, the process can be long and expensive.)

How to Get Free Samples on Alibaba?

If you ask for free product samples from Alibaba suppliers you have never worked with before, they may not respond to you. The best way to get free samples is to pay for the samples and ask for the price to be deducted from future bulk orders.

By asking for the sample price to be deducted from future orders, you not only save money, but you also show the supplier that you are serious about doing business with them.

If you have done business with a company before, they may send you free samples and only charge you for shipping. Suppliers are unlikely to offer this service to new customers.

Tips for sample order Alibaba

  1. Not only should you order multiple samples, you should also order samples from multiple suppliers to compare quality and specifications.
  2. If you want samples shipped quickly, request a quote using a fast shipping carrier such as DHL or SF Express.
  3. Thoroughly test the product for its intended use.
  4. It is best to order samples in the packaging you intend to use.
  5. To avoid paying any import duties for samples, remind your supplier to write “Sample of no commercial value – $1” on the document, which tells customs that you are not purchasing the product for personal use.
  6. One scam you may encounter when ordering samples is that a supplier will send you a high-quality sample, but the quality of the bulk order will be poor. To avoid this, only work with experienced suppliers, or you can find a product inspection company to check the goods before shipping.

How long does Alibaba take to ship?

Alibaba’s delivery time is not fixed. The following is Alibaba’s delivery time under normal case.

CarrierNew Delivery TimeException Parcels(3C)5 ~ 8 working days Parcels5 ~ 8 working days
HK DHL7 ~ 15 working daysUS: 9 ~ 17 working days
FedEx IP3 ~ 7 working daysUS: 7 ~ 11 working days
FedEx IE4 ~ 9 working daysUS: 10 ~ 16 working days
UPS Expedited5 ~ 10 working days
Aramex8 ~ 15 working days
DPEX8 ~ 15 working days Air Express9 ~ 15 working days Standard Express(3C&General)9 ~ 15 working days Economy Express(3C&General)9 ~ 20 working days Parcels (EU&US&CA)9 ~ 12 working days Parcels(Special)10 ~ 12 working days Economy Express(Battery)15 ~ 20 working days Parcels (EMS)14 ~ 25 working days ePacket12 ~ 30 working days Economic Parcels(US)11 ~ 15 working days Parcels (>20KG)9 ~ 11 working days

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Alibaba logistics tracking

Alibaba provides logistics tracking services to check the transportation status of goods.

If you want to check your tracking number on, go to “My Alibaba” > “All Orders”, find the order you want to check, and then click “View More”. You can find the tracking number under Shipping Details.

If you use the APP to check the tracking number, first click “My Alibaba”, then “My Orders”, select the order you want to check the tracking number, and you can find the tracking number under Logistics Details below. If there is no tracking information, it is best to contact the seller directly to confirm.

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In conclusion, is a legitimate platform for sourcing products, but it’s essential to exercise caution and due diligence. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can minimize the risk of falling victim to scams or fraudsters on

Remember to research potential suppliers, communicate effectively, and use secure payment methods. Take advantage of’s tools and resources to verify the legitimacy of suppliers. With these measures in place, you can confidently navigate the world of and make informed decisions that benefit your business.

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