In recent years, online shopping has grown in popularity due to the rise of ecommerce platforms. Temu, and AliExpress are two of the most popular sites for people to find goods at low prices.

Temu and AliExpress may appear similar, but there are some important differences that shoppers should be aware of. Check out the comparisons between Temu and AliExpress.

What is Temu?

What is Temu? Temu is an online marketplace has recently made waves in the ecommerce industry. The holding company for Chinese
Pinduoduo, the e-commerce leader, will be launching a new online marketplace in September 2022. It connects buyers and vendors directly, just like other well-known platforms such as Amazon. It has a large user base despite its relative youth, thanks to its user-friendly interface and competitive pricing. It has experienced exponential growth and is expanding rapidly, especially in the US market. Temu’s competitive rates, easy access and wide selection of everyday life products are what make it so popular.

Temu has its headquarters in the US but its majority of sellers are Chinese. Its logistics and seller base is driven by Pinduoduo its older sister, which makes it a major player in China’s commercial landscape. Temu has a large range of products ranging from fashion and home decor to electronics and clothing.

Temu’s exceptional marketing strategies have gained it popularity. Its prices are also very competitive. It offers a wide range of products and a website with an attractive interface.

Temu offers reliable and fast shipping. Most orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours after they have been placed. Customers can also return items within 30 days or 90 days, giving them peace of mind.

The platform has a large selection of products including clothing, electronics, and home goods. One of the main criticisms of Temu has been its lack of attention to Contrôle de qualité. The platform is perceived to have failed to work with suppliers in order to ensure that transparency of sources and all products meet strict standards. This issue was attributed to the platform’s reliance on seller fee revenue.

Highlights of Temu

  • Prices that are competitive
  • Wide range of products
  • Interface that is easy to use

Qu’est-ce qu’Aliexpress ?

What is AliExpress? AliExpress is a popular online marketplace founded in 2010, is based in China. Alibaba is the owner of AliExpress, a well-known player in global eCommerce.

AliExpress is a global platform that connects buyers and sellers. It facilitates trade at a global scale. AliExpress was originally launched as a B2B marketplace, but has now expanded to B2C and C2C. Due to its ease of use, it has become the preferred platform for dropshippers and resellers.
Diverse product line and suppliers.

AliExpress, with millions of visitors per day and billions in eCommerce transactions has cemented its position as the global marketplace to source products.

The platform features a variety of products from around the globe, including electronic goods, clothing, and homewares.

AliExpress is known for its competitive prices, which allows many products to be purchased at a lower price than other traditional retailers.
retailers. It also has a program for buyer protection, which should provide refunds or replace items that do not match the description or don’t arrive. AliExpress, too, is plagued with complaints, including those about counterfeit goods, product quality and late or non-delivery. 

Cray Egg, ecommerce experts, wrote in their article “AliExpress Review: The Good and The Bad of 2023” that many customers complain about AliExpress’s lack of customer support for returns and issues. They also said that even if the support team responds to your issue or complaint “the chances are slim”.

Highlights of AliExpress

  • Global market
  • A wide range of products
  • Source products with confidence

Aliexpress vs. Temu: Features & Benefits

There are a number of key differences and similarities between Temu AliExpress. There are several key features and benefits to consider.

1. Aliexpress vs Temu Reviews

Temu as well as AliExpress have user-friendly apps and websites. AliExpress’ app has a rating of 4.5 stars and over 500,000,000 downloads. The website is simple to use, but the interface is not visually appealing.

Temu, on the other hand has a website with 4.6 stars that is rated higher and more than 10 million downloads in the Play Store. Temu’s site is easy to navigate despite a suspicious pop-up on the first visit.

Both platforms offer similar features for sorting and displaying products. AliExpress is more popular, has more downloads, and is more established. Temu, however, outperforms AliExpress when it comes to overall navigation and use, and offers a lightweight, fast experience. This includes image search.’s review notes: “During our testing, we found the Temu app to be better than the AliExpress app in terms of overall use and navigation.”

2. Product Quality

Temu, and AliExpress is two of the biggest online marketplaces that offer affordable products directly from Chinese manufacturers. Both platforms have millions of low-priced products, from clothing to electronics. There are some differences between Temu’s and AliExpress’s product quality.

Temu focuses on attracting consumers who are price-conscious and focussing on low prices. Temu works closely with its suppliers to ensure all products meet strict quality standards. Temu’s products are typically 10 to 50% cheaper than AliExpress. Many items cost less than $10. This ultra-low cost model can often come at the expense product quality. Temu’s customers have reported receiving items of poor quality or defective products that do not match the photos. Temu has a complicated return policy, which makes it difficult for customers to receive refunds when they are unhappy with their purchase.

AliExpress offers lower prices, but the product quality is slightly higher than Temu. AliExpress has many sellers who have been doing business for many years. They have a reputation for selling items that match the description. AliExpress’ buyer protection policy makes it easier for customers who have received a problematic order to dispute the issue and receive a refund, though the process is complex.

Customers often complain that they receive lower-quality products than what is shown in the product photos. In product descriptions, spelling and grammar errors are frequent. Customers have also noted that AliExpress electronics tend to last shorter than name-brand counterparts.

Both Temu and AliExpress offer a large selection of Chinese products at low prices. Customers should be realistic about the quality of products given their ultra-low price. Some items may be suitable for occasional or one-time uses, but they may not last as long as more expensive alternatives. Before purchasing items from either platform, customers should read the reviews of both sellers and products.

AliExpress has a slightly better customer service and quality control, but both Temu, and AliExpress, cater to customers who are looking for affordable and cost-effective products. To determine which platform will provide the best overall experience, customers should do their research and have realistic expectations about quality due to low prices. They should also read through reviews of other buyers. Users can find high-quality products that suit their budgets by doing some research on Temu and AliExpress.

Aliexpress Vs Temu
Aliexpress vs Temu

3. Product Category

AliExpress has an impressive range of products, offering over 100,000,000 items in various niches. AliExpress offers a wide range of products including home improvement products, beauty products and apparel. It also sells jewelry, electronics and toys.

Temu has a similar range of products, but less than 100 millions. Temu, a relatively new platform, is still expanding their selection. Temu covers the same categories that AliExpress does, but the number of products is lower. AliExpress is the winner in terms of diversity and product selection due to its well-established and vast network of sellers.

4. Product Pricing

Any online marketplace must have a competitive pricing policy. AliExpress has a large number of sellers which results in competitive product prices. If you explore the platform, you may find hidden gems by lesser-known Chinese producers offering products at low prices. It is important to remember that AliExpress resellers may charge higher prices on products of moderate quality.

Temu, on the other hand is known for its low prices. Platform’s pricing strategy, which includes some free products, is unmatched in the eCommerce world. Temu’s low profit margins, extensive supplier relationships and significant investments contribute to its unbeatable prices. Temu is the leader in pricing. It offers the best prices on the market.

Temu, as well as AliExpress, offer competitive prices on a variety of products. Temu, however, is known to offer particularly low prices for many items. This can be an attractive option for budget conscious shoppers.

5. Shipping

Both AliExpress and Temu provide multiple shipping options. AliExpress offers standard shipping (15-45 working days) as well as premium shipping (7-15 working days). Standard shipping costs are already included in the price of the item. Premium shipping, however, offers faster delivery for a fee.
AliExpress’ tracking information is not always updated on time. The sellers have little control over the shipping methods and times, since buyers select their own shipping medium.

Temu offers both standard and express shipping. Standard shipping does not incur any additional fees and can take 7 to 15 working days. Express shipping costs $13 and is usually delivered in 5 to 10 business days for orders under $130. Temu’s shipping is tracked and provides more accurate real-time status updates, being “better at showing the real-time status of the parcel” according to Temu also offers a $5 credit for shipping if the delivery time exceeds that estimated. Temu offers faster and more reliable services compared to other platforms.

Temu provides fast and reliable delivery on the majority of orders. Many items are shipped within 24 hours. AliExpress offers fast shipping as well.
Shipping options are available, but delivery times may vary depending on both the seller and buyer.

6. Return Policy

AliExpress has strict policies regarding the protection of buyers and sellers.

Daniel Price, writing for makeUseOf explains that AliExpress offers “two important guarantees”… If you don’t receive the item, or if the seller doesn’t specify a timeframe, then you can request a refund. You will receive a refund in full within 15 days.”

If the item does not match what was described, you can request a refund. “You can return the item to receive a full refund, or keep it and get a partial refund.”

Crazy Egg 2023’s assessment states that “if a customer is unhappy and wants to return the product, it is almost impossible to send the item back.”

Temu offers an even better return policy. It accepts returns up to ninety days after delivery. The product can be thoroughly inspected by the buyer and returned if it does not meet expectations.

Temu offers end-to-end protection for buyers, as it takes full responsibility from dispatch until delivery. Temu has a longer return period than other platforms.

Temu provides a 30-day policy for all products. This gives customers peace of mind while making purchases. AliExpress offers a Buyer Protection Program that includes refunds and replacements for products that do not match the description or don’t arrive.

AliExpress offers app integration for dropshippers, a key market in ecommerce. This allows business owners to link AliExpress with their Amazon or eBay businesses. Wozo, a dropshipping services company, says that customers can “start making direct sales and placing orders” once they have the AliExpress app installed.

Temu does NOT support direct dropshipping integration. This means that B2B buyers must pay for shipping.
To a warehouse rather than directly to the customer. The Wozo evaluation concludes that “Aliexpress is the best dropshipping service provider.”

7. Customer Service

Temu offers customer service to assist shoppers with any issues or questions they may have. The quality of the products is not as good.
Customer service can differ depending on the platform or the seller.

The customer service between Temu vs AliExpress is also different in terms of accessibility and responsiveness.

Temu has a limited customer service. Customers complain about slow or no response to questions regarding orders, refunds and returns. Temu’s
Lack of customer service is a major factor in customers’ dissatisfaction.

AliExpress customer service, in comparison, is faster and more responsive. It also offers multiple languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese. Customer service is usually quick to respond to queries and concerns. AliExpress enforces its buyer protection policy through their customer service team.

AliExpress offers a more helpful and accessible customer service, which helps to offset slightly higher prices. AliExpress is likely to provide customers with the help they need and resolve issues more quickly.

Temu Vs Aliexpress
temu vs aliexpress

The Summary of Aliexpress vs Temu

App and Website ReviewUser-friendly with an app rating of 4.5 stars and over 500,000,000 downloads. The website interface is simple but not visually appealing.User-friendly with a higher app rating of 4.6 stars and more than 10 million downloads. Easy to navigate despite a suspicious pop-up on the first visit.
Product QualityOffers a variety of affordable products. Known for slightly higher quality than Temu. Has many long-term sellers with a reputation for reliable descriptions. Buyer protection policy helps with refunds for problematic orders.Focuses on very low prices, often at the expense of quality. Products are 10 to 50% cheaper than AliExpress. Some customers report poor quality or defective products. Complicated return policy.
Product CategoriesOffers an extensive range of products, with over 100 million items including home improvement, beauty, apparel, jewelry, electronics, and toys.Similar range but fewer products than AliExpress. Covers the same categories but is still expanding its selection.
Product PricingCompetitive prices due to a large number of sellers. Prices may be slightly higher than Temu for moderate-quality products.Known for ultra-low prices, often offering the lowest prices on the market. Some products are even free.
Shipping OptionsOffers standard shipping (15-45 days) included in the price and premium shipping (7-15 days) for a fee. Tracking information may not always be timely.Provides standard shipping (7-15 days) without additional fees and express shipping ($13) for orders under $130, generally faster and more reliable with better tracking. Offers a $5 credit if delivery is delayed beyond the estimated time.
Return PolicyStrict buyer protection with a refund if the item doesn’t arrive or doesn’t match the description. Full refunds for returns or partial refunds for keeping an item that doesn’t match the description.More generous return policy allowing returns up to ninety days after delivery. Offers end-to-end buyer protection from dispatch to delivery.
Dropshipping SupportSupports direct dropshipping integration, allowing B2B buyers to link with their Amazon or eBay businesses. Recognized as the best dropshipping service provider.Does not support direct dropshipping integration. B2B buyers must arrange for shipping to a warehouse rather than directly to the customer.
Customer ServiceFaster and more responsive customer service. Offers support in multiple languages and is generally quick to resolve issues under the buyer protection policy.Limited and slower customer service. Customers report slow or no response to inquiries about orders, refunds, and returns. Lack of responsive customer service is a major drawback.
Aliexpress vs Temu summary table

Aliexpress vs Temu – Product Selection

Both Temu & AliExpress offer a wide range of low-cost products. The differences are minimal. Temu, unlike AliExpress does check the items physically before uploading to their website to ensure they are made of high-quality material. This shows that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of its products.

In terms of product selection, Temu has a different range, and AliExpress has a different quality and supplier reliability. Find out what makes them different.

Temu AliExpress: Products available

Temu has over 29 categories, such as clothes, electronics and home appliances. Customers can purchase directly from vendors. Temu doesn’t accept wholesale orders from vendors or dropshipping requests, but it does use its platform to provide customers with an array of products that cater to different market segments.

AliExpress has a huge online store that offers over 100,000,000 products. The wide range of products available on the platform includes toys, clothing, jewelry, home improvement, cosmetics, and more.

Variety and quality of products

AliExpress offers a greater variety and higher quality of products, despite both sites offering affordable prices. They are in business for longer and have more partnerships with suppliers. Temu products can be hit or miss in terms of brand names and specifications.

Fiabilité des fournisseurs

AliExpress’s suppliers are more established and reliable due to its longer history. Temu, however, is a relatively new marketplace that is working hard to verify its suppliers and products. AliExpress has a better reputation for quality control, compared to Temu’s lesser-known brands.

AliExpress has a wide range of products. AliExpress also offers high-quality items. AliExpress is the winner here due to its better product selection and quality control.

Aliexpress vs Temu – Pricing and Cost Analysis

When analyzing pricing methods of online marketplaces it is clear that Temu, and AliExpress use methods that focus on removing middlemen and putting the consumer in direct contact with the producers.

Pricing Structures on Both Platforms

Temu is able to offer products at a reasonable price because of its numerous relationships within the industry. Year-round, Temu’s website and mobile application offer offers starting at under $1. Its business model is influenced by the limited margins of the platform, its solid supplier connections and the large investment from PDD Holdings.

AliExpress, on the other hand, offers more affordable prices than Temu or many other online shops. AliExpress allows customers to negotiate directly with manufacturers and so is more affordable than Temu. The pricing is fair because of this.

AliExpress offers better discounts than Temu, as there is no third-party involvement. You can also get things for less that $1.

Shipping rates and delivery times

AliExpress offers a variety of delivery options. Both Standard and Premium shipping are popular choices. Normal delivery takes between 15 and 35 days. Premium shipping takes between 7 and 15 days. Shipping time is always very long.

Temu is moving faster. Shipping takes less time. Expedited delivery requires 5-10 days. Standard delivery takes between 7 and 15 days. Nearly all the products come with complimentary shipping. For late deliveries, Temu gives a $5 shipping credit.

Transaction fees and handling fees

AliExpress’ business model is based on a commission system, in which sellers pay between 5% to 8% of the value of the sale. This may result in some products being priced higher than those found on Temu.

AliExpress uses a model based on commissions, where sellers are charged between 5% to 8% of the sale price. This can lead to slightly higher prices for products than those found on Temu.

Who wins?

Draw. Temu has faster shipping, but less shipping options than AliExpress. You can then choose the shipping option that best suits your needs.

Aliexpress vs Temu – Seller and buyer experience

The seller and buyer experience are also important criteria to decide between Temu or AliExpress when it comes to selling and shopping.

Easy navigation and user interface

AliExpressUsers can use an easy-to-use website or mobile app. The app has over 500M downloads, and a rating of 4.5.

Their website is also easy to navigate. It is not aesthetically pleasing. The listings are simple and lack style. The site does, however, include information about a product’s ratings and sales volume. Thanks to AliExpress, you can easily find items thanks to its many sorting options. AliExpress’ app is still superior in terms of usability to the website. There is even an image search feature.

Temu The navigation and the appearance of the site are improved. It has more than 10 million downloads in the Play Store and a rating of 4.6.

You may encounter a pop-up that allows you to spin the wheel. Temu should improve its aesthetics, because it looks like an illegitimate advertisement, despite being legitimate. Temu’s display and sorting of its products is similar to AliExpress. Temu’s website also does not have an image search feature. Temu’s app is light and fast. It also has an image-search function.

Support and resolution of customer disputes

Temu’s and AliExpress’ customer service differs, and this affects their reputations.

Temu is well positioned with its 24/7 Live Help, Email, Chat and Phone Support. The multimodal support strategy demonstrates their commitment to quickly resolving issues for clients via multiple channels. Temu received an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars and over 7,000 reviews. However, only 30% of those reviews gave Temu just one star. The product reviews highlight concerns about defective items and product quality issues.

AliExpress uses a ticketing system and email primarily for customer support. With 130,000 reviews, the site’s average rating is 2.6 stars. AliExpress customer service has been criticized in many reviews. They have complained about poor quality products, unhappy customers, and an impression of dishonesty.

Temu wins if you compare the two fundamentally. AliExpress still has tens more users on Temu, but in terms of scale of business, Temu is winning.

Aliexpress vs Temu – Trust and Security

This is a comparison between Temu (the online marketplace) and AliExpress, in terms of security and trust:

  • AliExpress sellers’ trustworthiness: AliExpress is a trusted site, but there are still scams. Temu’s seller reliability is less consistent because it is a newer platform. Review both carefully.
  • Payment Security Measures: Both platforms accept secure payment methods such as Credit Cards and PayPal. AliExpress offers insurance policies that reimburse fraudulent charges. Temu is improving buyer protection.
  • AliExpress fraud prevention: AliExpress automatically checks the identity of sellers, which reduces fraud. Temu reviews sellers manually, which could temporarily allow more risky parties. If possible, it is best to check the companies directly.

AliExpress wins. AliExpress’ account security is stronger overall due to its experience in dealing with fraud. They use things like two factor authentication, seller activity monitoring, and tools to dispute charges. Temu has not yet released these features.

Aliexpress vs Temu – Shipping and Delivery

It is important to separate the shipping and delivery. Below are some notable comparisons of shipping and delivery between Temu and AliExpress.

Tracking and shipping options

  • AliExpress offers two shipping options: Basic and Premium. Premium shipping allows for faster delivery (7-15 working days) as opposed to Standard Shipping, which uses slower transport methods and takes 15-45 days. AliExpress occasionally experiences delays in updating tracking information.
  • Temu Shipping: Temu offers Standard and Express shipping options, both of which are comparable. Standard shipping, which is 7-15 days and costs $13 on purchases below $130, takes 5-10 days.

Both platforms offer tracking, but Temu is the best at providing information in real-time. Temu is notable for offering a $5 credit towards postage if the delivery takes longer than expected. Both platforms aim to minimize their environmental impact, but Temu’s delivery methods are faster and more efficient.

Returns and refunds

Policy determines the return and refund protection for buyers. The policy influences the Temu Aliexpress contest.

  • AliExpress: AliExpress provides strict guidelines for sellers regarding purchase protection regulations. AliExpress allows customers to request refunds after 15 days from the date they received their order. The item must be unopened and clean for the buyer receive a full refund.
  • Temu This company offers a better return policy to its customers. Returns are accepted even 90 days after delivery. The customer can inspect the product and return it if necessary. Temu also offers end-to-end protection for buyers. The platform is responsible for the entire package, from when it’s despatched to when it’s delivered.

Temu wins. Temu offers a faster delivery, but less options than AliExpress. Temu’s and AliExpress’ return policies are similar. Temu has a better return policy due to the 90-day period. It’s not an ideal policy for sellers.

AliExpress vs. Temu: Dropshipping is possible?

Dropshipping involves reselling products without maintaining an inventory. This is the best way to make money. Do both the top online retailers offer it?

Aliexpress offers applications for dropshipping like Wozo Dropshipping Tool. You can access hundreds of dropshipping products with a dropshipping shop. You can link Aliexpress with your Amazon or eBay business. Start selling directly to customers and fulfilling orders.

Temu does not provide this service. Temu does not support dropshipping. You will have to spend more on the goods that you ship to your warehouses rather than those shipped to clients. It may still be complex.

AliExpress wins the award for best dropshipping service. AliExpress is the winner thanks to its excellent dropshipping services.

Temu vs Shein vs Aliexpress

Temu, Shein, and AliExpress are prominent online marketplaces each catering to different needs.

Temu is B2C, offers a broad range of products with competitive pricing and frequent promotions

Shein is a fast fashion platform, focuses on affordable, trendy fashion with a fast turnaround on new styles.

AliExpress is B2B and B2C, and provides an extensive variety of items, often directly from manufacturers, appealing to both individual consumers and small businesses with its wide selection and buyer protection.

While all three platforms are known for their low prices, they each have varying strengths in product range, target audience, and shipping times, with quality and customer service experiences varying across sellers.

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Final Words

Both are excellent online marketplaces for finding affordable products from China or around the globe. Your shopping preferences and needs will determine which is the best option. AliExpress offers a superior option for dropshippers. Both are great options for buyers and sellers. Learn more about e-commerce on Wozo Blog.

PS: In addition to these comprehensive e-commerce platforms, there are also many other professional direct marketing websites in China that customize individual products for their customers and sell them globally. For example, if you want Custom Pens, Custom Balloons or customized Luggage Tags, etc. you can find a professional website online to serve you. Not only do they offer free designs but also cost-effective products and services.

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