Fake designer bags will be a big trend in 2024 and retailers can make a lot of money from them. China is the best place to purchase fake designer bags in 2024.

Every consumer wants a designer handbag because it represents luxury and style. Designer bags are expensive and not available to everyone due to their brand reputation, quality, and exclusivity.

In 2024, technology advancements will make it possible to create replicas that are so authentic that an untrained eye cannot tell them apart. With the help of skilled craftsmanship, people can now feel luxurious without spending a fortune.

China is the largest source of supply chains in the world, offering quality products at lower prices. Retailers can profitably import and sell fake designer bags made in China.

We’ve compiled a list of wholesalers in China who offer incredible deals on large purchases of designer fake bags. But we does not encourage you to buy Fake Designer Bags. This blog is to provide information on the topic only. 

Selecting the right channel for sourcing is key to a successful venture online. Many countries engage in manufacturing to increase profits due to the global demand for goods. For startups, however, it’s important to trust sources that have experience in the relevant fields. When it comes to replicating brands, choosing wholesalers wisely becomes even more important.

China is the largest manufacturing nation in the world, with the most brand collaborations. The Chinese have become the top suppliers for famous brands in the world, and they are also benefiting both small and medium-sized businesses.

Let’s start with why China is a great place to purchase fake designer bags.

What is a Fake Designer Bag?

Fake Designer Bag
Fake Designer Bag

Fake designer bags, also called counterfeit bags, are copies of the originals. The bags are similar, but there are small details that make a big difference. However, to an untrained person, they may look identical.

Chinese manufacturers are well-known for producing premium replicas which look almost identical to the real thing. If you are looking to wholesale fake designer bags from China, this is the place to go.

Where is the best place to buy fake designer bags?

China is the leader in the production of high-quality designer replica bags. Other countries that are well known for their quality include South Korea, Japan and the Philippines.

We are serious when we say that Cina is the top source for buying counterfeit designer bags. China is known to supply authentic bags to famous brand names, so obtaining the original raw materials for local manufacturers is not difficult.

Some manufacturers are also experts at making other parts for bags, so going to China is even more advantageous.

China is the best country to buy counterfeit designer bags because of its shipping and packaging policies.

Why Buy Wholesale Replica Bags from China?

Replica Bags
Replica Bags

China, as we have already discussed, is the world’s leading wholesale supplier of high-quality products at low prices.

When shopping for high-quality replicas, retailers should look out for manufacturers who are skilled and offer great customer service.

Here are some reasons why you should choose China over any other country.

1. Manufacturing Country

China has a world-class manufacturing hub that includes a state-of-the art infrastructure for producing high-quality replica designer bags.

Each city in China has factories that are equipped with the latest technology and specialize in replica production. China is the manufacturing hub for retailers who can get a variety of designer replica bags.

2. Cost Effective

Low manufacturing costs are one of the main reasons why you should buy designer fake bags from China. China’s low labor costs allow for competitive pricing of bulk orders. This is a great opportunity for retailers.

3. Customization

To be successful in an online business, retailers need to establish themselves as a name, and this is only possible by purchasing from China.

Chinese manufacturers provide customization Dan private labeling services to create special features that help target a specific market.

This appears to be a unique selling feature that helps build brand reputation.

4. Quality Control

Retailers are able to visit the factories in China personally and inspect quality during production.

It is possible to obtain the desired quality in replica bags by hiring a kontrol kualitas team. This team will monitor all aspects of production, from raw materials to packaging.

This is a compelling reason to choose China over other countries.

5. Direct relationships with manufacturers

Direct contact with manufacturers can reduce costs by a large amount. The majority of sources are agents or middlemen who negotiate with manufacturers for retailers.

Due to incorrect negotiations and instructions, the replica bags that are obtained often do not meet expectations.

China offers the chance to interact directly with a manufacturer, which not only eliminates mistakes but also builds relationships.

A good relationship with the manufacturer is very important to retailers.

Buy Fake Designer Bags from China – Online

China produces almost 90% of all replicas of designer bags, which is why Chinese wholesale markets are so popular worldwide.

China launched its online wholesale website to make it easier for overseas buyers.

You can buy replica bags in bulk from your computer without having to visit China.

This chapter will discuss all the Chinese websites that sell fake designer bags. Each website has its own unique features that buyers can view and select.


Mengapa Produk Alibaba Begitu Murah
Mengapa produk Alibaba begitu murah

Alibaba is the first website on our list. It is without a doubt, the most popular online wholesale website by 2024. Alibaba is the sponsor of most e-commerce projects and has a major role in many businesses.

It is surprising that it’s also the best site to buy counterfeit designer bags. Alibaba is home to many manufacturers who offer high-quality products at low prices, you can easily flip on Alibaba. They look so authentic that you can easily mistake them for the originals.

Alibaba’s MOQ (Minimum order quantity) is very high. This means that buyers can not demand less than this.

Alibaba has a MOQ that is fixed and buyers must adhere to it.

Aliaba, the online marketplace of China’s choice if you are looking for a high MOQ is the place to go.

gerbang DH

Situs Web Dhgate
Situs web dhgate

gerbang DH is the best website to buy wholesale online for buyers who are not satisfied with a website that requires a large minimum order quantity.

DHgate, a Chinese site that sells fake designer handbags, is a good place to buy items. DHgate displays high-quality images of bags from manufacturers.

They also have a very low minimum order quantity (MOQ), and buyers can buy as many items as they like. Users with little or no experience can navigate the website easily.

Retailers looking to buy a few wholesale designer imitation bags should consider DHgate.



AliExpress, a website that is part of Alibaba, is often a good choice for those who are looking to buy produk for their own personal use. Everyone wants to experience the luxury of replica bags at an affordable cost.

AliExpress is the place to go if you want to purchase fake designer bags. This website contains high-quality images of popular brands.

Communication with suppliers is very easy. For personal contact, suppliers have provided their WhatsApp numbers and email addresses.

Buatan China

Buatan China
Buatan China

Made-in-China is a Chinese website that is regarded as a leading online platform for bulk purchases.

The website contains thousands of leather suppliers, including those who deal with replica designer bags and fake designer bags. For consumers who are looking for large quantities, Made-in China is the best option.

Itu MOQ for these products ranges between 300 and 500 pieces. With a higher order quantity, the cost can be further reduced.

For well-established retail stores that have a large customer base who are looking for designer fake bags, they can definitely opt for Made in China.

Global sources

Sumber Global
Sumber Global

Global Sources is an online wholesale marketplace with a reputation for high-quality goods. Some suppliers offer wholesale prices for bulk purchases.

Global Sources has a similar high MOQ between 300-600.

The price is often lower than other websites. You cannot request a particular brand. Suppliers have shown pictures of famous brands and you will have to search them.

If retailers are looking for a reliable supplier of bulk orders, they may want to consider Global Sources.

Non-Chinese websites that sell fake designer bags

We also have shortlisted other websites, which are not Chinese and are typically based in America or Europe. Check it out!

  • Celebrity Handbags
  • Etsy
  • Gucci Bound
  • Replicas Store
  • Voguebags
  • MS
  • Perfect Luxury

Where to find replica bags on wholesale websites?

Finding replica bags online is difficult as selling counterfeit goods is illegal in some countries.

The above websites sell replica designer handbags, but the buyer must find them themselves.

If you are looking for a particular brand, you can search by abbreviating the first letter of the brand. Type “CC” or double C to search for Chanel bags.

Buy Fake Designer Bags from China – Offline

This chapter will discuss the top five local Chinese markets that retailers can use to buy high-quality goods in bulk. China, as discussed in the previous section, is known for manufacturing. Every city in China has some form of production.

Retailers who have never bought from Chinese wholesale markets will find it difficult to start a new hunt.

To assist them, has listed 5 cities that sell not only leather goods, but also replica bags. Let’s not waste any more time and get started!

Baigou, Hebei

Baigou Leather Market
Baigou leather market

This manufacturing site dates back to the 1970s. Gaoqiao Village in Baigou Town produced the first artificial leather purses, and other products, in 1971. The explosion of factories around Gaoqiao Village can be attributed to this village.

Their products are sold all over China, as well as exported to Yugoslavia and France (for the famous brands).

In 2000, their numbers were staggering. More than 5,000 leather goods manufacturers, over 300,000. A daily average of more than 300,000 bags and an export of over 200 thousand bags.

It is North China’s largest wholesale market for leather goods and small items, as well as fake designer bags. In Baigou, the leather market has over 5,000 brands, offering high-, medium-, and low grade options.

Retailers can take advantage of this opportunity, as 90% of leather goods are high-quality and affordable. They have a wide range of products including designer replica bags for women and travel boxes.

Guihuagang, Guangzhou

Guangzhou Leather Market
Guangzhou leather market

In the 1980s more than 1,000 businesses, with staff sizes ranging from 500 to 1,000, were established in coastal Guangdong. This was the largest wholesale point of the region. In the 1990s thousands of technical talent were trained to work in the domestic leather industry, which made a billion bosses.

Sanyuanli in Guangzhou, Tangxia in Huadu and Tangxi and Shiling among others, are all home to both large and small wholesale leather product businesses. The leather goods industry has grown rapidly since then.

Guangzhou Guihuagang is China’s largest wholesale market of leather products. Every day, over 1,5 million leather goods are produced, including replica bags. Wholesalers of all sizes receive them from around the world. Women’s bags and men’s wallets are among the main products manufactured by this company.

Natai, Liaoning

The average daily sales for well-known international brand names like Louis Vuitton and Cartier are above 1,00,000 pieces. This is around one third of sales by well-known national brands.

Small local family businesses produced the majority of early products for Nantai’s market, which were textiles, synthetics leather and chemical fibers.

The items are distributed in the three provinces of the northeast.

Nantai, the largest wholesale market in China for leather products, is also a good place to buy fake designer bags.

This city has one of the best leather markets in the country.

There are more than 100 national, provincial and municipal brands available along with over 4,00 different bag variants. Most of the goods on this market are exported to the United States, Russia and some Southeast Asian countries and regions. They are well-known for their luggage production, special sales, and serialization.

Hehuachi, Chengdu

Hehuachi’s early years between 1986 and 1993 were primarily focused on the sale of low-priced leather products in Zhejiang province, Sichuan province, Hebei province, Liaoning and other areas.

After 1992, Guangdong products in the leather industry flooded and fuelled quickly. Volkswagen Line, a high-end brand with 85% of its products coming from Guangdong, was beginning to emerge.

It is home to the largest luggage distribution centre in the Northwest Region, which makes it a popular destination for this purpose. Its products and services span thousands of categories.

Each day, 100,000 bag is produced by nearly 2,00 factories with their 60 000 workers. Travel bags, waistbags, totes and wheeled cases are some of their most popular products.

Yiwu, Zhejiang

Pasar Yiwu Cina
pasar Yiwu Cina

pasar Yiwu is a popular location in China for wholesale businesses.

Zhejiang saw a surge in factories when 14 coastal cities were opened in 1986. The development of many small businesses led to the construction of processing facilities for leather and luggage.

Zhejiang, for example, saw more than 2,000 leather product enterprises built between 1992 and 1998, with the majority located in Yiwu. More than 100,000 people work in the leather industry of Zhejiang province. On average, 120,000 bags per day are produced.

About half of the products are exported every day to countries such as Russia, Mongolia and South Korea. Other destinations include Japan, Southeast Asia and the US. These businesses in the region have produced textiles and imitation leather products, resulting in a large wholesale leather industry with Yiwu at its center.

It is East China’s largest and most well-known wholesale market for small commodities. The Yiwu Leather Goods Market sells products from thousands of Chinese manufacturers, including both high-end and medium-end products. 90% of the products are made in Guangdong. Bags for women, bags for men and bags branded are popular.

Things to Consider While Buying Fake Designer Bags

It’s time to learn how to differentiate between the different types of replica designer bags. You can buy replica bags anywhere in the globe. However, each bag has a different level of craftsmanship, making it easy to distinguish.

It is important that retailers know all about fake designer handbags and how to find a reliable source.

Replica Bags: Grades and Types

Before buying replica designer bags, retailers must know the different grades. There are different grades of replica designer bags, each with a different level of craftsmanship, technology and price. Chinese manufacturers offer four replica bag grades based on customer demand.

B Grade

The B grade is the lowest Grade of designer fake bags. They are usually made of low-quality materials, so they can be easily identified.

The B-grade designer bag manufacturers copy only the style and logos from original designs.

Students are eager to purchase B-grade counterfeit designers on online platforms. Similar to B-grade bags, they are also cheaper and easily available on Chinese wholesale websites. If your target market is young adults or students, B-grade bags could be profitable.

A Grade

A-grade bag is a superior version of B grade bags. They are designed mostly based on the original designs. A-grade bags are not easily identifiable because they look like the original.

The difference is in the stitching. A-grade bags are not made with great skill and some minor defects remain untreated. Even so, grade bags are still profitable as the majority of consumers prefer an overall appearance. If you have customers like this, then A-grade bags will help you to increase your sales.

Fake Designer Bags With Stitching Questions
fake designer bags with stitching questions

Ultra A Grade

Next, there is the Ultra A or AAA grade of designer fake bags. These fake designer handbags have handles made from leather that will quickly change color and oxidize, but the main body is made out of high-end leather, the interior materials are also identical to the original bags. In that sense, the bags are distinguishable with time.

The hardware and accessories, while of high quality, corrode and rust over time. You can only distinguish items by a few characteristics such as the stitching, the lining or the brand printing.

These bags are primarily aimed at office workers and people with high demand. The primary markets are America, Canada and Europe.

1 Grade

This is the highest grade of fake designer handbags. The 1:1 grade bags look and feel exactly the same as originals. It would not be incorrect to say that this Grade is 99% the same.

They are the most expensive fake designer bags because the materials used in the manufacturing process are very similar to the originals.

Wholesale Chinese websites offer 1:1 replicas of designer bags for retailers who are interested in buying the most authentic replicas.

How to find a reliable replica bags supplier online?

It is difficult to find a reputable supplier for replica designer bags. Dealing in replica designer bags can be risky, as you may receive inferior replicas. This is a common occurrence when selling fake designer bags. Find reliable suppliers online using the following methods.

Chinese Wholesale Website

Contacting them via the websites listed in Chapter 2 is the best way to find reliable suppliers. The websites mentioned in Chapter 2 are international recognized and their owners keep track of all activities.

Verified Supplier

Pilih A verified supplier. A verified supplier will be awarded a badge indicating that they are legitimate and more reliable than non-verified suppliers.

Ask for the MOQ

It is important to check with suppliers before placing an order if they have a MOQ. Check the MOQ price if you are looking to buy bulk designer fake bags. Suppliers usually offer discounts on large orders.

Shipping Procedure

Always ask about the shipping procedure from your suppliers, since trading counterfeit and replica items is illegal. In this case, suppliers ship their consignment through special channels.

Request Samples

Asking for fake designer bags is the best way to identify a trustworthy Chinese supplier. You can then see the quality of their replicas. Look for 1:1 grade if you want to be as close to the original as possible. This will ensure that you are getting a reputable source.

Contact wozo

wozo is the perfect partner for those who are new to e-commerce. wozo is a tool that helps you find a reliable supplier, and strengthen your relationship with them.

We are a team of Chinese native marketing who have strong networks in China. They can help you find the most reliable suppliers based on what you need. Our proven track record will guide you in the right direction, even though we do not recommend that you deal with counterfeit products. Hubungi kami to learn more.

Pertanyaan Umum

What is a copy product?

Can I buy fake designer bags on Chinese replica websites?

It is best to avoid any legal consequences by buying products without any logo. It is illegal for many Chinese replica websites to sell fake designer bags.

Where can I buy the best fake designer bags in China?

Must I pay an extra fee for international shipping?


There are many options if you want to find the best place for fake designer bags. China is a popular destination for buying these bags, as they are inexpensive and have a variety of options.

This blog has shared 10 of our favorite places to purchase fake designer bags in China for 2024. These shops were chosen for their reputation, quality of products and customer satisfaction.

It’s important to keep in mind that selling counterfeit designer bags can raise ethical issues and have legal implications. This blog is for those who are interested in starting a business. However, it’s important to research the risks involved and to understand moral and ethical issues.

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