Everyone knows that China is the world’s largest and the best manufacturer of all kinds of products. Millions of people are doing business to get products made in China, import from China and resell to other countries, it’s much easier to become a millionaire than working for somebody else.

But there are a lot of people who worry about getting products from China, finding an international logistics solution, and getting products imported to their country are kinda like too complicated. Finding a reliable supplier in China is also not very easy. Many people think their business is too small to get products directly from China. So they still prefer to buy from local vendors even though the price is more expensive.

But the fact is, no matter what kind of products you want to purchase, or how small your business is, even though you just want to buy something for your personal use, you can import it from China directly and all by yourself.

Of course, for different kinds of business modes or different kinds of products, the way and the budget that you need to import from China are quite different.

So today I’m going to tell you, are you able to import from China directly? And how much money do you need to prepare according to your situation?

Import from China For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

What is Dropshipping?

You don’t need to prepare thousands of USD to get products from China. You can just literally prepare less than hundreds of USD to get started, to get products from China and resell them to other people. And that way is by dropshipping.

How to Do Dropshipping?

You can just spend 29 dollars per month to build an e-commerce website on Shopify. And now it has 90 days for a free trial. If you want to make your e-commerce website look more legit and trustworthy, you can just spend around 10 USD to register a domain with your brand.

And then you can upload any products that you want to get from China to your Shopify store. After that, you can figure out all kinds of ways to bring people to your website to make them purchase your products.


If you are not able to get customers to your website, then you can spend maybe 50 dollars to do some tests on Facebook advertisements or spend 50 dollars to find a small influencer with a small number of followers on social platforms like YouTube or Instagram and let them help you promote your products.

If there is a person who places an order, then you can just let the Chinese suppliers on AliExpress help you send the products directly from China to your customer’s hand by the China Post e-package, which is very cheap, but it will take around 10 to 20 days.

Whether you get products from China to resell to other people or just for your personal use, getting products from AliExpress is the simplest way for the lowest budget.

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Pro of Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the simplest, easiest, and cheapest way not only for getting products from China but also for starting up e-commerce. You don’t need to prepare a lot of money to buy inventory, and you also don’t need to take the risk of having too much inventory.

Con of Dropshipping

However, this kind of way also has a lot of disadvantages, especially when you want to grow your business. Because you can not buy a large quantity of the same product at the same time. And you have to order every single one when your customer places orders to you.

So you can never get the lowest price when you are ordering directly from the manufacturer, which is 30% or even 50% lower than what you are paying to dropshipping suppliers.

In addition, dropshipping is shipped by China post-e-package to your end customers. When you convert the shipping cost to each kilogram, it’s very expensive, even more expensive than shipping by DHL or FedEx. It is only suitable for shipping small packages, which are less than two kilograms. If you can ship products in large quantities by sea freight, you can almost save over 80% on the shipping cost.

Import from China For Mature E-commerce Sellers

Amazon FBA

Even though dropshipping is a kind of e-commerce, I don’t think it’s authentic e-commerce. You don’t need to develop products or build a brand for your product, and you don’t need to do anything about supply chain management, or inventory management and also don’t need to figure out any logistics solutions. But all these aspects are so important to real e-commerce.

The best example of formal e-commerce is selling by Amazon FBA. Because most successful sellers are selling their private label brand products. That is, you need to deal with the manufacturers or trading companies in China and buy products from them in large quantities.

In this case, you can get product prices as low as possible. Because 10% of the product price differences, when you are purchasing in large quantities, it means a lot of money, especially when you are ordering a quantity like 5,000 or even 10,000 units. And only when you are purchasing in large quantities, can suppliers help you customize your packaging for your brand products.

This is what dropshipping can not no matter what kind of product, most Chinese manufacturers, will have a minimum order quantity of around 1,000 USD for one product.

For example, you can pay around 1,000 USD to get 2,000 mugs, and the manufacturer will give you maybe 2 or 3 different colors to choose from. Even though there are a lot of wholesalers, they only have around maybe a couple of hundred USD for MOQ, and you can choose as many colors as possible.

But when your business grows very fast, your purchasing quantity increases like 5 or 10 times bigger than before, and you are probably not going to buy from them anymore because their price is expensive. That’s why you need to choose a good supplier, a real manufacturer to cooperate with at the very beginning.

Cups Import From China
cups Import from China

Let’s take the mug example again. This is a very low value, but a very big size product. So you have to choose the cheapest shipping solution, which is by sea freight shipping. Generally, it’s more economical to ship cargo over 2 cubic meters if it is shipped by sea freight. It takes around 500 USD and 35 days to get this product shipped and imported to the UK and also delivered to the fulfillment center of Amazon.

If you want to ship by air, then it will cost you over 2,000 USD, and 7 days to get the products delivered. And you will lose a very big amount of the profit.

In conclusion, for this kind of business mode, you need to prepare around 2,000 USD at least to purchase products from manufacturers in China and ship them by sea freight or air freight.

How to Find Reliable Suppliers?

As to how to find reliable suppliers, the most effective way is to go to alibaba.com or other B2B platform.

There’s also another better way to find suppliers, which is to use a China sourcing company, they can help you find suppliers, follow up the production, help you control the quality, and arrange shipping to Amazon warehouses or your address.

And that’s what we are doing as a leading China sourcing company in this industry. So if you need our help, you can submit your inquiry by contacting us.

Develop and Manufacture New Products in China

A lot of people will have a dream of developing a brand new product, or maybe they have seen some products in daily life that are not very good to use. And they will try to think if they can make some adjustments to the product that will be very good-selling.


Just like one of our clients. He thinks that the general charger is not very easy to use, there are always a lot of charging cables and the charging speed is very slow. It’s not convenient, so he designed a new 4-in-1 USB-C Charging Volta Giga which has Super Fast Charge 4 Devices Simultaneously. And we help him to find a manufacturer in China to get his idea to become massive production.

Volta Giga 4-In-1 Usb-C Charging Sourcing
Volta Giga 4-in-1 USB-C Charging sourcing

You can find there are a lot of crowdfunding platforms, just as Kickstarter, and Indiegogo. There are a lot of product ideas, and after collecting the funds, they need to find a manufacturer in China to achieve their products massively. Because China has the best environment for manufacturing, and the working efficiency is very high, the cost is very low, and also it’s easy to ship products from China to any corner of the world.



So how much money do you need to prepare if you want to develop a brand new product in China? It’s a very complicated question. And it all depends on what the product is.

Let me give you some ideas. If you want to develop products like apparel, shoes, or bags, most manufacturers will accept around 1,000 USD MOQ for one product. Because these kinds of products are made of fabric and accessories, workers can finish them just by hand.

If the product you want to develop is made of plastic, then you need to think about this idea twice. Because plastic products are made by this process.

Here is how it works. Material gravity flows into the injection machine screw, where it is melted by the compressing motion of the screw. And then injected into the mold to form the part or parts. The mold is quickly cooled, letting the parts solidify. The mold opens to release the parts and the mold closes again to repeat the cycle, over and over again.

Molding cycles can last anywhere from one second for tiny parts made in tiny molding machines to minutes for large parts made in presses the size of a building.

So it means the manufacturers need to help you develop a steel-made mold for your plastic products, which will cost at least 2,000 USD just for one single plastic part.

Even though you just want to make a brand-new plastic lid for a cup. So if you don’t have a budget of 10,000 USD, you’d better give up any ideas about making plastic products.

Import Plastic Part
import plastic part

If you don’t want to develop any new products, but just want to get some existing products and make your brand, own logo on the product, then it’s much easier. You only need to prepare around 2,000 USD and have your suppliers help you customize your packaging and put your logo on the product. It’s very simple.

Traditional Trade

Except for retail by e-commerce, there are still a lot of people doing traditional trading, and they sell products through offline stores and shopping malls, and they get products from local wholesalers.

The main reason why they don’t buy from China directly is that they can not purchase a very large quantity for each product, which means they can not reach the MOQ for most manufacturers in China.

And they need a lot of different kinds of products with various designs, which means they need to deal with a lot of Chinese suppliers, which will also waste a lot of time. Even it’s more expensive to buy from local vendors. But usually, they will offer credit, which means you can pay the vendors after you sell.

However, the products you can get from local vendors are quite limited, and also you cannot get the newest product or newest designs. If you can purchase a product for around 500 USD, then you can prepare a few thousand or 10 or 20 thousand USD to purchase multiple different kinds of products. And consolidate them into one shipment to reduce the average shipping cost of each product and get them from China.

For importers of this kind of purchasing quantity, it’s not very cost-effective for them to come to China to purchase. And it’s more suitable for them to finish the purchase online.

So if you don’t want to spend that much money to find a supplier in China, no matter if it is online or coming to China, or you don’t want to find a logistics company, then the best way is still to find a reliable China sourcing company, to let them help you finish the purchasing, quality inspection, and arrange the shipment.

Import From China For Personal Use or Company Use

Except for getting products from China to resell, of course, you can get products for your personal use or your company’s use, as long as the total cost is much lower than what you are paying for buying from local.

And of course, you will have more product options if you can purchase directly from China. The most worthy thing to get from China to your house use is those products with very big sizes, especially for building materials like tiles, furniture, or products for the bathroom.

Because most of these products are made in China most retailers or wholesalers are also mainly getting this kind of products from China, and keep the inventory in their warehouse. These kinds of products have a very big size. So they have to sell the products’ price very expensive to pay their high cost of labor and warehousing.

Also, because of the big size, you can ship products by sea freight very easily and very cheaply. Even though it’s shipped by less than the container load, your shipping cost still won’t be more expensive than those big importers who ship by the full container load. By doing this, it’s easy to save over 50% cost than you buy from local vendors.

If you have a new house that needs to be renovated or need to buy a new bathroom or furniture, you can think about getting these products from China. And it’s the same if you want to open new restaurants or open new hotels.

In this kind of situation, I don’t recommend you find suppliers and import these products online, because you can not see those products through your eyes. And you can not also touch those products, and you’d better come to China to find suppliers for these products.

Import From China Of Building Materials
import from china of building materials

For furniture, decoration materials, or building materials, you’d better go to Guangzhou. You can visit wholesale markets to find good suppliers.

In addition, if you need to purchase, stationery, office products, or other products for students or teachers, I also don’t recommend you to purchase on Alibaba, because you need to waste tons of time to deal with tens of hundreds of suppliers at the same time.

I recommend you to come to Yiwu China, the world’s largest wholesale market. And it’s very easy to find all kinds of daily use consumer products in this market.

Thank you for reading this post. And in next post, we’ll present a comprehensive tutorial on importing from China, to help you handle the import process more easily.

Any questions about importing from China, contact us directly – we’re available at any time.


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