It can be difficult to find the perfect shoe for your style, budget, and fit. We totally understand if you have ever felt like giving up when you realized your favorite pair of shoes’ sizing was in a different format. 

Although international sizes may seem confusing, don’t be afraid. Through our complete guide on international shoe size for men’s and women’s shoes, you can easily convert your CN shoe size to US size.  It includes sizing charts, measurement tips, and more.

How to Measure your feet

First, if you want to know what is your shoe size, it is important to know your feet size before. Now, let start to measure your feet.

You can ask a shoe salesperson to measure your feet for you, but it is easy to do yourself. We need a big paper, a pan and your feet. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure you are standing on a level surface.
  2. Trace the outline of your feet on a sheet of paper. To get the best outline, keep your pen perpendicular as possible to the paper.
  3. Use a ruler and measure the distance from the heel edge to the longest toe on the trace you have created.
  4. Use this guide for converting the shoe size from inches.
How To Measure Your Feet
How to Measure your feet

Understanding Chinese Shoe Sizes

The sizing of Chinese shoes differ from that in other countries, like the United States. Understanding the basics of Chinese sizing is essential to converting Chinese shoe sizes into US sizes. Let take a look at the details:

Millimeter measurement

In China, shoe size is often expressed in millimeters. Instead of using the more familiar US numerical system, where shoe size is assigned a number, Chinese sizes usually express the length of insole in millimeters. If a pair Chinese shoes are labeled as “250 mm”, this means that the shoe’s insole is 250 millimeters long.

Size based on insole length

Chinese shoe sizes are usually based on insole length, not the length of the foot. You will need to measure the insole to see if the shoe fits your foot. You can convert Chinese shoe sizes to US sizes by comparing the insoles to US size charts.

Variations by Brands and Region

Like in other countries, Chinese shoe size can differ between brands and regions. A size 250 mm may fit differently in one brand than in another. It can be difficult to shop for Chinese shoes based solely on numerical sizes. Consult the brand’s size chart or recommendation when available.

Sizes for Men and Women

Chinese shoe sizing is often classified by gender, just like in the US or other countries. As men’s and woman’s shoe sizes can vary, it is important to choose the correct gender when choosing your size.

Converting CN shoe size to US Sizes

You can use a sizing tool online or a chart to convert Chinese shoe sizes to their US equivalents. These tools provide a range in US sizes which corresponds to a Chinese size given in millimeters. Remember that these charts should only be used as a guide, and the fit of an individual can vary depending on factors such as shoe brand and style.

CN shoe size to US chart

CN shoe size to US men’s chart

Foot length (cm)China (CN) USUK EU
Cn Shoe Size To Us Men'S Chart
CN shoe size to US men’s chart

CN shoe size to US women’s chart

Foot length (cm)China (CN)USUKEU
Cn Shoe Size To Us Women'S Chart
CN shoe size to US women’s chart

Shop for Shoes Online

Online shopping for shoes? Remember these tips:

  • Review the return policy. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to return an item for hours, or finding out that it was a final sale. Knowing the return policy of the brand will help you to know what you should do if the shoes don’t fit you, especially if sizing is a concern.
  • Check shoe width. These measurements do not take into consideration the width or thickness of your feet, so make sure you check whether the shoes are available in different widths. They are typically denoted as “AA” for narrow, “B” for average, “C/D”, or “E”, which is extra wide. You may also see “M” to indicate a “medium width”, “N” to denote a narrow width or “W” to denote a wide one.
  • If you are planning to wear socks, consider the size of your shoes. Shoes can feel tighter when socks are worn. It can be useful to try on your shoes with the socks that you intend to wear, or without socks.
  • Measure both feet. Like eyebrows, there are no two feet that are the exact same size. You can measure both feet and order the shoes that fit better.
  • Measure in the evening: Your feet tend to expand as the day progresses or after standing on them for some time. Measure your feet at the end of the day or in evening when they are their biggest.
  • Take into account all factors: Materials, manufacturing techniques and embellishments are just a few of the many factors that may affect how a shoe will fit.
  • Read reviews: Even with a specific sizing system the fit and style of some shoe brands can vary. Look at the reviews of the shoes that you are considering to see if they run true to size.


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CN shoe size to US is very complex, different shoes have different size, this post shoe size is for your reference, if you want to know size of other goods, such as rings,clothes, please check our another post: サイズ変換表.

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