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Our products are 15% cheaper than Alibaba and include OEM/ODM customization. Each item undergoes a strict 1 by 1 quality inspection to ensure top standards.

15% 알리바바보다 저렴
1:1 품질검사

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China makes 60% of global clothing, offering customization with logos and designs for any order size. We also provide a variety of ready-to-wear clothes at direct factory prices.

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Clothes Accessories

We offer wholesale and custom options for various clothing accessories including gloves, hats, belts, scarves, and more. If you don’t see what you need, just let us know!

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We specialize in creating and designing various undergarments in multiple fabrics. Whether it’s seamless, everyday wear, or sexy styles, we can wholesale or customize as you wish.

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Jewelry, Watches & Accessories

With over a decade in the jewelry industry, we partner with 35+ factories for long-term collaboration. We can craft new designs or refine existing ones to meet your specifications.

Amazon Warehousing Jewelry Watches &Amp; Accessories


We assist in sourcing sock factories with a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) of just $500. Choose from the latest traditional knitted or custom 3D-printed styles with us.

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Zhejiang is a key hub for shoe production in China. We offer a diverse selection of fashion footwear, including casual shoes, children’s shoes, boots, and shoe accessories.

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