Have you ever observed the origin of the goods you purchased? Have you ever discovered Made in PRC? Do you want to know what Made in PRC means? In this post, we will explore the Made in PRC and Made in China, what that means for sourcing products from China.

What Does Made in PRC Means?

“Made in PRC” stands for “Made in the People’s Republic of China.” It is a way of clearly marking a product as made in China, but by using the initials of the full name of the country, it disguises where the products come from.

Although this isn’t entirely fair as a lot of good quality products do come from China, there have also been a lot of poor quality cheap products coming out of Chinese factories. So it didn’t take me long to figure out that Chinese goods in many sectors have a reputation for low quality, and you’ve probably come across this assumption yourself.

Add to that the fact that large parts of the population in large markets like US don’t want to buy from China, and the PRC mark is a way that many 중국 제조업체 have used to get around these problems.

Most people are quite lazy and won’t look into what PRC stands for, and at first glance most people don’t think “China” when they try to find out what PRC stands for.

This gives your products a chance to get a fair shake from customers who don’t have an automatic visceral reaction to the “Made in PRC” label, as it obscures where it comes from for the average consumer.

Is Made In PRC Legal?

Labelling individual items as “Made in PRC” is legal on the manufacturer’s side, and it’s seen as a clever way to get around anti-China market bias. The problem is that when it comes to international shipping, it’s often not legal, especially in the external markets of a shipping crate or container.

Remember, Made in PRC is illegal to use when importing into the United States. The country name (China) must be clearly marked on the box.

Many countries require the country of origin to be marked on the outside of the box in the language of the country it’s going to, and the United States is one of those countries. This makes it illegal for a box to be marked “Made in PRC” when shipped to the United States, as this doesn’t specifically identify China.

Made In Prc Shipping Label For Legal/Illegal
Made In PRC shipping label for legal/illegal

Difference Between Made In China vs Made In PRC?

There is no difference, Made in PRC = Made in China. Some buyers think the reputation of Made in China is already rotten and consider made in PRC has better-perceived quality.

Chinese manufacturers face major difficulties because of the long-standing perception that their products are of poor quality.

The reputation of Chinese exports goods is still affected by the stigma attached to the “Made in China” label, even in the face of changing standards and higher quality products.

Some Chinese manufacturers have used the alternative “Made in PRC” label as a calculated marketing tactic to offset this unfavorable perception.

The “Made in PRC” label is used to differentiate products from the perceived lower quality associated with the “Made in China” label.

China is a major supplier to the world market, but its reputation is being damaged by misconceptions about the quality of its products.
In addition, the decision to use “Made in PRC” takes into account the preferences of international customers as well as the intention to change attitudes.

Made In China Vs Made In Prc
Made In China vs Made In PRC

Why Use Made in PRC Instead of Made in China?

Made in PRC is mainly used to avoid “Made in China”. Many large groups of consumers do not want to purchase products made in China. It doesn’t really matter if it’s due to politics, international relations, or bad experiences with poor products. In their minds, products made in China are a no-go.

The low-quality stigma of Made in PRC is avoided

Hope all of the products that you are sourcing are high-quality and well-made. When they see the China tag, some consumers will never give the product a chance. I don’t blame them.

It’s clever marketing if a simple “Made in PRC”, can help to remove that stigma. The problem arises if the product is not legal.

Marketing Made in PRC better than other marketing

The Made in PRC tag is better than Made in China because it helps to avoid negative marketing and press. When there is a spike in anti-China sentiment, or stories of local jobs being sent overseas, having the PRC Label will help avoid any possible backlash.

In China, the label “Made in PRC” is now a common practice

Since sellers do not have a good reason to switch back to the old label, many Chinese manufacturers are making the switch before products have even arrived.

The majority of people will not bother to look up what PRC means, but instead be satisfied that the word “China” isn’t used. They’ll then proceed as normal. This makes this a wise move for many companies.

Why are products “Made in PRC’ so cheap?

China’s large, cheap and stable workforce means that its production costs are lower than those of most other countries. China also has a well-developed domestic logistics system and an efficient supply network. It is possible to easily source and transport materials and components from one factory to another, reducing costs.

The intense competition in Chinese manufacturing helps keep prices low. The majority of Chinese goods are low-value and there are many factories that produce similar products. This means companies must reduce their margins in order to stay competitive.

While “Made in China”, products are often cheap, that does not mean they’re of low quality. Many factories maintain 품질 관리 while keeping prices low. They also invest in new technology and equipment that will improve their manufacturing process and produce higher quality products.

What is the best product made in China?

China is an important global manufacturing hub with many cost-effective, high-quality products. 전자제품, including smartphones and laptops, drones and smart devices are some of the most lucrative imports from China.

China is a great option for companies that want to import products of this type. It has an experienced workforce and developed infrastructure.

China is one of the largest producers and exporters of 직물 그리고 clothes. Chinese manufacturers offer a variety of materials with high quality at affordable prices. China’s textile sector is highly integrated and offers services like printing, embroidery, and dyeing. China has a competitive advantage when it comes to home furnishings, toys, 그리고 furniture. The large manufacturing infrastructure, combined with a skilled workforce, allows China to produce these products cost-effectively and efficiently. China’s large production capacity, low labour costs, and well developed supply chain are the main reasons for its competitive advantage.

How to buy “Made in PRC Products”?

Alibaba allows you to buy directly from the manufacturer if you are looking to import products from China. You can buy directly from the manufacturers.

If you want to find suppliers from China, whatever online 또는 offline, we can help you to find the best suppliers.


It is therefore a challenge to buy products made in PRC. Find a reputable product sourcing company in China. They can help differentiate the quality of your products and assist you in bringing your products quickly to your country. Truthfully, not all products made in PRC are of poor quality.

Consumers are looking for cheaper products, even though many of them originate from the PRC.

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