Photography & Graphic Design

This is our in-house solution for eCommerce photography and videography. Work with our creative and fast-response graphic design team to create all kinds of product photos and videos.

Our Service List of Ecommerce Product Photography

E-commerce Photography

WOZO Sourcing’s Team excels in Photography. Inform us of your requirements, and our experts will put in extra effort to fulfill them for your products. We ensure HIGH-QUALITY eCommerce product photos.

Discover the best solutions with our team.

Product Photography

Are you looking for outstanding product photos?

Ship your products to us. We’ll examine them, prepare our studios, and capture High-quality images.

You’ll be impressed by our photography, which can attract more customers and increase sales.

Shopify Product Photography

We support you in uploading the photos to your Shopify stores. Our talented photographers manage the entire Photography process from A to Z. From capturing images to uploading them, we provide a comprehensive solution.

Experience top-notch photography from our experts.

Packaging Design & Graphic Design

Welcome to our professional Packaging Design & Graphic Design services. We’re here to enhance your brand’s visual appeal with striking packaging and innovative Graphic designs.

Making your products make a memorable impact in the marketplace.

Our Services

Our E-Commerce Product Photography

WOZO Sourcing focuses on filters, lighting, and colors. Our team sets up a PERFECT environment for e-commerce product photography. You’ll be able to impress your consumers with QUALITY pictures.

Basic Photos

Capture the product from different angles on a white background.

Starting at $3 each. The cost of props is quoted separately. Pro Plan users can receive 3 free photos for each product purchased $500 or more.

Premium Photos

Present the product with more elaborate lifestyle photography.

Starting at $50 each, quoted on a case-by-case basis. And the props and models are quoted and charged separately.

Descriptive Photos

Our graphics team can help you design descriptive images that will help your customer better understand your product.

The price starts at $30, quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Video production & Clip

Showcase the product in a more dynamic and elaborate manner.

Starting at $3 per second depending on the complexity of your video, with a minimum fee of $30, quoted on a case-by-case basis.

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