Success Case Studies



This includes Backpacks, Handbags, Chest Bags, and Travel Bags.


We start with the design given by our client, look at samples from competitors, materials, and key features. Then, we suggest improvements such as better materials or designs. We make handmade samples and revise them 2 to 3 times based on the client’s feedback. The final sample is approved before we start the big production.


  1. Choosing materials can be tough. We need to think about the environment, cost, and how hard it is to make.
  2. Getting clear instructions can be hard. Sometimes, requirements are not clear or change during the process.

We’ve worked on nearly 35 different types of bags. Our team includes two experts in bag production who help solve design and production problems effectively.

Bags Customizaiton Classic Cases

In four months, we made a real leather handbag for our US client, cutting costs by 30% compared to her Mexican supplier.

Urgently, we customized a women’s handgun bag in 50 days, fixing a blurry logo issue on the pocket button.



Includes Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones, Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, Power Banks, Mobile Accessories, etc.


We have two customization types: Easy and Complex. We gather product examples, test their quality, check factories, take apart products to study them, and make custom versions that meet the client’s budget and needs.


  1. Making a product look unique in a busy market needs a lot of money and work.
  2. It’s hard to make the minimum order quantity smaller.
  3. Products that use both software and hardware are more complex and harder to fix.

Electronics Customizaiton Classic Cases

Assisted the client in completing ODM orders, customized packaging, and shipping within 20 days.

We help brands lower order minimums for custom development, ensuring successful product launches with small volumes.


Customized sports apparel, T-shirts, work uniforms, and sun protection clothing.


When customers provide custom patterns, materials, and size requirements, we create clothing proposals according to their specifications and coordinate with suitable clothing manufacturers for customization.

Clothing Customizaiton Classic Cases

Customized swim trunks with a US client, meeting their requirements for water resistance and quick-drying functionality.

Household Supplies

A variety of consumer daily necessities such as socks, slippers, clothing, bath products, perfumes, water bottles, and more.


We will follow the product sourcing process to find the best value products for our customers from various supply channels.


  1. Quickly obtaining quotes for various products from the customer.
  2. Sourcing information from different manufacturers.

Household Supplies Cases

Sourced slippers for the customer made from EVA material that doesn’t deform in sunlight, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

Sourced a component called “Twist Lock” for the customer within 15 days, avoiding competitors’ patents, and successfully delivered the shipment. The customer was highly satisfied.

Sourced suitable material for socks for the customer and resolved the tricky issue of gradient pattern printing on the socks. Met the customer’s expectations and successfully delivered the order.

Sourced and performed a simple ODM for a bicycle sports water bottle for a Vietnamese client, achieving production quantities below the manufacturer’s initial MOQ requirement.

Designed and customized a notebook for internal use by OPPO in Vietnam, including company culture, corporate development timeline, and calendar.

Effectively addressing changing demands from Amazon client, while carefully selecting product colors and material details. Meeting the customer’s order and shipping requirements quickly and with high quality.

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