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If you need other product categories to sell, welcome to send details to our agents.

Our Solutions

From new sellers to mature businesses, WOZO Sourcing provides tailored services to support you.

Sourcing 1688 Suppliers

Our experts assess 1688 suppliers, ensuring reliability.

Reduce costs, gain peace of mind with our thorough selection process. We also offer support for Amazon Fulfillment Center integration.

New Product Development

Realize your product dreams with ease. From concept to mass production, we guide you every step. No experience needed. Trusted by successful Kickstarter campaigns. We even assist with Amazon Fulfillment Center integration. 

We Can Do More than Alibaba

Our factory connections secure better quotes than Alibaba. Compare prices to ensure our competitive edge benefits you. Your satisfaction is our priority. We’re here to help you succeed.

Whether a novice or experienced in Chinese imports, we’re here to guide you from sourcing to doorstep delivery. Your hassle-free journey starts with us.

A dedicated agent supports you throughout sourcing, production, inspection, and shipping, ensuring seamless problem-solving. Your success is our priority.

Our thorough quality control surpasses third-party inspections. Benefit from our free higher product check percentage and unique full review to achieve a 0% defect rate.

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