Inspection In Quality Control

WOZO Sourcing: Your Import Partner in China.
Trust us for meticulous inspection in quality control. Elevate your product standards.

Quality Control Inspection Services

Best China Sourcing Agent Factory Check

1. Factory Audit

Best China sourcing agent? We minimize risk with factory audits for legality, scale, trade & production capacity, ensuring quality control inspection.

Wozo Sourcing Inspection In Quality Control

2. First Article Inspection

At our core, we prioritize your product’s success by ensuring precision through first article inspection. Swift issue resolution guaranteed.

Best China Sourcing Agent Factory-Qc

3. During Production Check

Once production is in full swing, we conduct random inspections at 20-60% completion, ensuring consistent quality levels throughout the cycle.

Quality Test Laboratory Testing Best China Sourcing Agent

4. Laboratory Testing

Compliance ensured with Laboratory Testing services. Covers performance, safety, quality, and standards for inspection in quality control.

Best China Sourcing Agent Pre-Shipment-Inspection-Services

5. Pre-Shipment Inspection

Inspection at 90% production completion – last chance for corrective action. Safeguard products from costly import issues.

Best Thing To Dropship

6. Container Loading Check

Container Loading Check ensures inspection in quality control – goods meet order requirements: quality, quantity, packaging. 

Inspection in Quality Control: Utilizing ANSI Z1.4 2003 Sampling Tables for Superior Quality Assurance

WOZO Sourcing highly recommends following ANSI Z1.4 2003 sampling tables. This will determine the number of units that will be selected for evaluation randomly. If you do not have any sampling requirements, WOZO Sourcing will assist you in choosing the plan which works best for your specific needs.

Samples are checked according to the inspection plan for their appearance, functionality, craft, etc. WOZO Sourcing checks products according to the program, and the defects are marked as a major, minor, or critical, depending on inspection plans.

The acceptable quality level (AQL) is evaluated by totaling the number of defects and using the recommended accept/reject criteria within the sampling plan.

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