Product Sourcing Services

Finding good products and reliable supplier is key for business success.

It’s important to choose a provider that meets your needs in quality, cost, and service.

Our sourcing service helps you save money and improve your work.

One Stop Product Sourcing

To help with different needs in China’s import business, We have 2 plans ready to match all your needs.

Customers Choose Pro Services Wozo Sourcing Free Services (For Starters) Pro Service (Best Choice)
Product Sourcing: Find suppliers and get their prices for you.
Cost Advice: Talk about the cost of your project and how to make your product.
Sample Help: Get product samples for you and can change them as you like.
Consult on importing, exporting, and needed certifications, etc.
Production Follow Up
Customizing: Change your product and its packaging for you.
Free photography for E-commerce
Free Storage: Warehouse for free for 2 months.
Quality Check: Check your product's quality for free.
Shipping: Send your product to your place by courier, air, or sea.

Free Services

(For Starters)

Looking to buy from China but unsure where to begin? Seeking good prices but not sure which factories to trust? Don’t worry, our Free Services are here to assist.

First, you just need to send us your inquiry, telling us what products you’re interested in or how we can assist. Then, we’ll assign a personal agent to offer you the following services at no cost.

Free Sourcing Services

Product sourcing & Cost evaluation

Your agent will find the best prices from various suppliers for your product needs and calculate the total mass production cost, including shipping and customs duties to your country

Import & Export Consulting

We provide free advice on anything related to importing, exporting, regulations, certifications, and more.

Product Sample & Customization

Your agent collects samples from multiple suppliers, checks quality, and ships them in one package, saving on shipping. They also customize samples with your logo and specifications to match your order

Factory Check Small
Sourcing Agent Factory Qc Small

Pro Service

(For Starters)

After trying the Free Plan, you might find good prices from our suppliers. Next, you can try our Pro Plan. In this plan, your agent will take care of everything from making the product to delivering it. You can choose to buy from our suppliers or your own.

For these services, you pay a service fee of 5-10% of the product’s value for each order. (See Pro Plan rates for details.)

Production Follow-up

Finding suppliers for your product can be quick, but making sure everything is made right takes 20-60 days. Our agent is always there to talk to the factories for you, making sure your products meet your needs, saving you time—key advantage of Pro Plan.

Custom Packaging and Private Labels

For your brand, we assist in designing packaging, even in small orders, at competitive prices thanks to long-term supplier relationships.

Free Photography

We offer 5 free photos with a white background for each product, so you can easily add them to e-commerce. This saves you about $100 compared to find someone from Fiverr.

Quality Checks

Pro Plan users enjoy free checks. We inspect 30% of boxes, manage any defects, and negotiate fixes.

If needed, we can also fix things in our warehouse before we send them out of China. With a 5% service fee, we’ll keep checking until everything’s perfect.

Hiring an outside company would cost $200-$300 per day, and they might not check everything or help fix issues.

Free Warehouse Use

You can use our China warehouse for free for 2 months. This gives you time to send more products our way, and we’ll put everything together in one shipment to save you money. After 2 months, we charge a small fee of $10 per cubic meter each month.

Shipping Help

We’ll get your products from China to your door, anywhere in the world, or to Amazon warehouses. We handle all the shipping details. You’ll always get a good price for shipping, whether it’s by courier, sea, or air.

Pro Service Rate

Product ValueService Fee
Less than $1000$100
$1000 ~ $150010%
$1500 ~ $30009%
$3000 ~ $40008%
$4000 ~ $70007%
$7000 ~ $100006%
$10000 ~ $200005%
$20000 ~ $300004.5%
$30000 ~4%

How to Use Our Service

Step 1 : Submit an inquiry, and our customer support team will match you with a professional agent.
Step 2 : Get a free quotation from WOZO Sourcing and compare it with any existing quotes from your own supplier.
Step 3 : We integrate all supplier resources, send you samples, and provide follow-up on production progress.
Step 4 : We conduct thorough quality inspections of your products at our warehouses and arrange shipments.

Do You Need Other Services?



Maximize your eCommerce success by selling on multiple platforms and entrusting us with the rest.

Amazon Fba

Amazon FBA Prep Services

Elevate your business with our Amazon fulfillment expertise, whether big or small.

Supply Chain

Supplier Verification

WOZO's Supplier Verification service ensures potential suppliers meet your business needs by verifying their reliability, honesty, and operational capability.

Product Design

Custom Manufacturing

Custom manufacturing options can help bring your product ideas to fruition.


Photos start at $3 each. However, Pro Plan users can get three free white background photos for each product they purchase over $500.

A product sourcing service helps businesses find and buy products to sell. They deal with finding suppliers, negotiating prices, and sometimes managing shipping and quality. This service is useful for businesses wanting to add new products or enter new markets without the hassle of doing it themselves.

Under the Basic Plan, our service fee is calculated at 5% of the product value. However, if the total service fee falls below $100, rest assured, we’ll apply a minimum service fee of $100 to ensure you receive the comprehensive support and value you deserve.

In both our Basic and Pro Plans, combining multiple products into a single order is possible when the average purchase amount per product exceeds $500. For products falling below this threshold, a handling fee of $25 per product applies. It’s important to note that packaging and accessories will not incur any additional charges. We aim to provide flexibility and value in your sourcing journey.

Consider this scenario: You can include 1 to 6 distinct products in a $3200 order without incurring any additional fees. However, please be aware that a handling fee will be applied for the 7th product and beyond within the same order. This structure ensures transparency and cost-effectiveness for your sourcing needs.

We offer complimentary quality inspections based on AQL 2.5 standards, even if factories have reworked the cargo.

We also provide higher ratio or one-by-one inspections at an additional cost, tailored to your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority.

The services offered by sourcing companies or agents can vary widely, but generally, they encompass a range of activities aimed at efficiently and effectively identifying, acquiring, and managing the supply of goods and services. These services include:

  1. Supplier Identification: Finding manufacturers or producers who can supply the required products or materials.

  2. Price Negotiation: Working to get the best possible prices for the goods or services, including bulk discounts and favorable terms.

  3. Quality Control and Inspection: Ensuring the products meet specific quality standards through inspections at various stages of production.

  4. Logistics and Shipping Management: Handling the logistics of getting the products from the manufacturer to the buyer, including transportation, warehousing, and inventory management.

  5. Compliance and Regulatory Guidance: Ensuring products comply with local and international regulations and standards.

  6. Market Research: Providing insights into market trends, competitor analysis, and potential opportunities in new markets.

  7. Custom Product Development: Assisting in the development and customization of products to meet specific requirements.

  8. Payment and Contract Management: Facilitating transactions and managing contracts between the buyer and supplier.

  9. Risk Management: Identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks associated with sourcing products from different markets.

These services are designed to optimize the supply chain, reduce costs, ensure quality, and streamline the procurement process for businesses looking to source products domestically or internationally.

Finding reliable product sourcing requires defining your needs, researching and networking to identify potential suppliers, evaluating their capabilities, negotiating terms, requesting samples, possibly visiting their facilities, starting with smaller orders to test reliability, continuously monitoring quality and performance, and diversifying your sources to ensure supply chain resilience and long-term business success.

Sourcing goods from China typically involves conducting thorough market research to identify potential suppliers, leveraging platforms like Alibaba and Global Sources for initial contacts, evaluating suppliers through due diligence, including checking references and samples for quality, negotiating terms including prices and minimum order quantities, ensuring compliance with import regulations, and often visiting factories or employing quality control agents in China to oversee production and logistics.

Effective communication and understanding cultural nuances are crucial throughout the process to build strong partnerships and secure reliable supply chains.

The 5 Ps of sourcing refer to a set of principles that guide the procurement process, ensuring it is efficient and effective. They are:

  1. Price: The cost of the goods or services, aiming for the best value rather than just the lowest price, considering total cost of ownership.

  2. Product: The quality, specifications, and features of the goods or services being sourced, ensuring they meet the requirements of the business.

  3. Place: The location of the supplier and the logistics involved in getting the goods from the supplier to the business, considering factors like lead times and shipping costs.

  4. Promotion: The additional benefits or services that a supplier might offer, such as after-sales service, warranty terms, or support services, which can add value beyond the basic procurement.

  5. Performance: The supplier’s ability to meet deadlines, maintain quality, and provide consistent service over time, ensuring reliability in the supply chain.

These principles help businesses evaluate and select suppliers that not only provide the best price but also offer the right quality, services, and reliability to meet the company’s needs.

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