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Empowering 3,000+ clients in supply chain management,

WOZO Sourcing ensures purchasing efficiency, quality control, and order safeguarding

Sourcing Agent Pro Plan

Our commitment extends to assisting you in locating the ideal Chinese supplier, securing quotes, and offering manufacturing solutions – all at no cost to you.

Once you’re content with the price and sample, proceed to place your order. Rest assured, we’ll manage mass production, conduct thorough quality inspections, and oversee seamless door-to-door logistics on your behalf.

Rest easy with WOZO Sourcing agent. We guarantee product quality and offer free replacements or compensation in case of any quality concerns. Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities.

Service Fee: $0. All costs are included in the unit price of the product.

Sourcing Agent Basic Plan

Choosing to work with your own sourcing agent in China? Don’t fret. Our partnership ensures meticulous crafting of your products to meet your exact specifications. Your vision, our dedication.

Upon receiving your suppliers’ shipment, we inspect and ensure smooth door-to-door logistics for your products. Your satisfaction, our priority.

Service Fee: 5% of the product value, with a minimum fee of $100.

Pro Plan - VS - Basic Plan

Pro PlanBasic Plan
Product supplierOur suppliersYour suppliers
Service fee$05%
Order follow-up
Quality inspectionAQL 2.5AQL 2.5
Quality guarantee×
Free warehousing2 months1 month
Free photography×

How to Use Our Service

Step 1 : Submit an inquiry, and our customer support team will match you with a professional agent.
Step 2 : Get a free quotation from WOZO Sourcing and compare it with any existing quotes from your own supplier.
Step 3 : We integrate all supplier resources, send you samples, and provide follow-up on production progress.
Step 4 : We conduct thorough quality inspections of your products at our warehouses and arrange shipments.
Sourcing Agent Factory Qc Small

Sourcing 1688 Suppliers

Our experts assess 1688 suppliers, ensuring reliability.

Reduce costs, gain peace of mind with our thorough selection process. We also offer support for Amazon Fulfillment Center integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the Pro Plan for a seamless experience – directly purchase from WOZO sourcing agent reliable supplier network, benefiting from our quality assurance and compensation policy for any unforeseen issues.

Opt for the Basic Plan if you prefer using your own supplier resources, with WOZO Sourcing agent stepping in to negotiate and assist in resolving quality concerns, while sharing the responsibility for any incurred losses. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Absolutely, our flexible system allows you to tailor your approach. For products sourced from your suppliers, opt for the Basic Plan; for items through WOZO Sourcing Agent, choose the Pro Plan. It’s your call, we’re here to make your sourcing journey smooth and efficient.

Under the Basic Plan, our service fee is calculated at 5% of the product value. However, if the total service fee falls below $100, rest assured, we’ll apply a minimum service fee of $100 to ensure you receive the comprehensive support and value you deserve.

In both our Basic and Pro Plans, combining multiple products into a single order is possible when the average purchase amount per product exceeds $500. For products falling below this threshold, a handling fee of $25 per product applies. It’s important to note that packaging and accessories will not incur any additional charges. We aim to provide flexibility and value in your sourcing journey.

Consider this scenario: You can include 1 to 6 distinct products in a $3200 order without incurring any additional fees. However, please be aware that a handling fee will be applied for the 7th product and beyond within the same order. This structure ensures transparency and cost-effectiveness for your sourcing needs.

While we prioritize confidentiality and cannot reveal supplier specifics in most cases, we’re fully committed to supporting our clients with on-site factory inspections when needed. Your trust and satisfaction are our utmost priorities.

We offer complimentary quality inspections based on AQL 2.5 standards, even if factories have reworked the cargo.

We also provide higher ratio or one-by-one inspections at an additional cost, tailored to your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Photos start at $3 each. However, Pro Plan users can get three free white background photos for each product they purchase over $500.

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