Supplier Verification

Getting a Supplier Verification Quote is very important because fraud from suppliers is a big problem for buyers who import goods from China.

The sad truth is, if a buyer gets tricked, it’s almost impossible to get back any lost money.

You might be looking for suppliers on or have heard about something called Trade Assurance.

But, is that really safe?

What Is Supplier Verification?

Supplier Verification is about checking if a potential supplier is right for your business. This is also called a supplier audit or due diligence.

At Wozo Sourcing, our experts in supply chains do a thorough check to discover the real information about your supplier.

Who Need Supplier Verification Service?

If you are an importer looking for suppliers online (for example, on websites like or, it’s important to check your supplier carefully before making an order.

Our supplier evaluation service can help you if you’re asking questions like:

  • Is this supplier real?
  • Is this supplier honest about their business?
  • Is this supplier actually a factory or just a trading company?

Why Do You Need To Have A Supplier Evaluation?

Nowadays, importing from China is much simpler than it was ten years ago. With online marketplaces, you no longer need to travel to China to talk about your orders.

But, this creates a new issue: you have to rely on how suppliers appear online to make decisions.

Just because a supplier has been working for many years doesn’t mean they are completely reliable.

Years Of Operation On Alibaba

A company with a five-year alibaba account might let other companies use its sub-accounts. This means the company you’re talking to could be anyone, even a company that isn’t real!

Just because a supplier has a nice website doesn’t mean they are trustworthy. When checking a supplier for a client, we discovered that one of the suppliers had been taken to court many times for not delivering goods as promised.

Protect Your Ideas and Brand

Imagine an importer wants to create a new brand in his country. He discovers an OEM supplier with lots of experience making products for a competitor.

But there’s a big problem: the supplier secretly registered the client’s brand in China without telling them. So, the importer decides not to work with this supplier after finding out.

What Is In A Supplier Verification Report?

Wozo Sourcing provides two kinds of services for checking suppliers to help buyers at different times in their purchasing journey.

Basic plan

This plan gives you important background information about the company. With the BASIC option, you can find out if the supplier really exists and whether it's an actual factory.

Pro Plan

This plan includes everything from the BASIC Plan, plus it checks the supplier's important certificates (like ISO for production management) and looks at records of products they've sent to other countries.

Avoid costly mistakes - be prepared for Wozo

Actually, you can avoid 95% of scams from suppliers in China if you prepare well.
Stay safe with Wozo Sourcing.

Supplier Verification Plan

Basic Plan Pro Plan
$78 $128
Company Background Check Registration Information English company name
Chinese company name
Unified social credit code
Taxpayer identification number
Taxpayer qualifications
Legal representative
Registered capital
Paid-in capital
Business status
Overall rating
Date of establishment
Website url
Registered address
Business registration number
Operating period
Type of enterprise
Number of insured persons
Number of insured persons in branches
Registration authority
Business scope
Organization code
Approval date
Staff size
Main Members Member name
Member positions
Shareholding ratio
Ultimate beneficiary stock
Shareholder Information Shareholder name
Shareholding ratio
Ultimate beneficiary stock
Amount of capital subscribed
Date of capital subscription
First holding date
Historical shareholder information
Invested Companies Investment company name
Investment company operating status
Shareholding ratio
Amount of capital subscribed
ultimate beneficiary stock
Invested company industry
Organization Code
Approval date
Staff size
Risk Information Information about the person subject to execution
Chattel mortgage
Legal action
Court announcement
Announcement reminder
Public notice and reminder
Share pledge
Equity pledge
Equity freeze
Environmental penalties
Abnormal business operations
Court opening announcement
Evaluate quote request
Bankruptcy and reorganization
Arrears announcement
Tax arrears notice
Liquidation information
Untrustworthy information
Tax violations
Judicial interpretation
Judicial auction
Mutual legal assistance
Notice delivered
Land mortgage
Consumer restraining order
Administrative penalties
Serious violation of law
Business abnormality
Case information
Intellectual property pledge
Final case (legal)
Intellectual Property Information Trademark information Trade name
Application time
Apply for registration number
International classification
Trademark status
Patent information
Software copyright
Copyright of works
Website registration
Enterprise Development Financing history
Investment events
Investment time
Core team
Enterprise business
Competitive product information
Management Information Job offers
Administrative authorization
Tax rating
Random inspection
Product information
Announcements and reports
Land purchase information
Financial Information Operating income
Net profit
Total assets
Net assets
Net profit margin
Gross profit margin
Import and export information Customs registration code
Register with customs
Economic zoning
Business category
Industry type
License status
Annual report
Registration date
Customs declaration validity period
Credit rating
Administrative penalty information

Tip: The rating is calculated from dimensions such as organizational background, operational status, credit rating, innovation capability, and development trend.

Need Additional Support?


Factory audits

Can't travel and visit factories yourself? Our team in China can go to factories for you. We will be your eyes and ears in China.

Quality control

We will send our team to do a quality check when you really need it. We'll make sure your products are in great condition before they are sent out.

Contract negotiation

Need help with negotiations? We'll assist you in communicating like an expert to ensure you get the best deal.


Yes. Please leave a message with us, or contact us directly via WhatsApp

To verify a company’s authenticity in China, start by asking for their business license. This document provides essential details like their registration number, an 18-digit code crucial for further verification.
Use this number to check their legal registration, address, registered capital, and business scope.

Additionally, engage in regular communication, seek references from trustworthy sources, or consider a personal visit to China for further assurance.

For a swift and straightforward method, you can opt for a fast verification report from us, delivered within 48 hours directly to your inbox.

To assess the potential success of your business partnership, it is important to communicate with your prospective supplier.

Their responsiveness and clarity in communication can provide valuable insights. Additionally, find out if they are willing to share information about their previous clients or facilitate contact with them.

Another aspect to consider is their level of experience, which can be evaluated by reviewing their product brochures, advertising materials, promotional materials, and their participation in expos over the years.

By gathering this information, you can make a more informed decision about whether or not to proceed with the supplier.


The registration number of a Chinese company serves as a means to ascertain its address, registered capital, business scope, and most importantly, its legal registration status in China.

To obtain the registration number of a Chinese company, you can visit the website of the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, accessible at Upon entering the company name in the search box, you will be directed to the subsequent page where the registration information of the company will be displayed.

Please note that this website is available only in Chinese.

When it comes to the roles of a manufacturer and a trading company, there is a clear distinction. While a manufacturer focuses on the production process, a trading company serves as a middleman between manufacturers and importers.

One way to differentiate between the two is by examining their product catalogs. If it appears that a single manufacturer couldn’t possibly produce such a wide range of products, it is likely that the company is a trading company working with multiple manufacturers.

It is worth noting that trading companies often have higher costs compared to sourcing agents.

A trading company on Alibaba operates similarly to traditional trading firms, serving as an intermediary that connects manufacturers with buyers worldwide.

To verify a manufacturer, several key pieces of information are required, including the company’s business license, which confirms its legal status and authorization to operate in its respective industry.

Additionally, certifications such as ISO for quality management systems or specific industry-related certifications demonstrate compliance with international standards. Financial records and bank references can provide insights into the manufacturer’s financial stability.

Visiting the manufacturing facility or conducting a third-party audit is crucial for assessing the operational capacity, quality control procedures, and labor conditions. References from past clients can offer valuable feedback on reliability and product quality.

Lastly, checking for any legal disputes or compliance issues in public records or through legal advisory services can reveal the manufacturer’s adherence to legal and ethical standards.

Yes, definitely be wary of unverified sellers on Alibaba. The verification isn’t perfect, but verified sellers have to show Alibaba stuff like what they make, how they make it, and how they keep quality in check, all checked out by another company.

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