When it comes to the top 32 best toy brands in the world, there are several renowned names that stand out in terms of quality, innovation, and popularity. Some of these brands are household names globally and have a strong reputation for creating engaging and educational toys.

Exploring these top 32 toy brands can help you source a wide range of toys for your business, providing customers with high-quality and engaging products from renowned manufacturers globally.

Toy Brands In The US

1. Hot Wheels

Toy Brands Hot Wheels
Toy Brands Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels has been manufacturing toy cars in the United States since 1968. Mattle, Inc, an American multinational production company founded in 1945, manages the toy brands. Hot Wheels, with its more than 50-year-old experience in producing top-notch toys and cars, has obtained licenses from various automobile manufacturers for the design of miniature car models that look like their real-life counterparts.

The company’s audience has grown to include not only children but also adults who enjoy collecting car toys. The products are also available at a reasonable price.

2. Hasbro

Toy Brands Hasbro
toy brands Hasbro

Hasbro Inc. is a multinational American organization known for producing toys for children. The first toy that the company produced, despite its existence in 1923 was Mr. Potato Head” in 1952.

The company currently has over 1500 brands of toys, including “Star Wars,” “Disney Princess,” and “Power Rangers.” It is also a major manufacturer of boardgames, like Monopoly.

Hasbro has a wide range of toys, but the main ones are action figures, dolls and electronic toys. They come in different price points and cater to toddlers, teens and even adults.

3. Fisher-Price

Toy Brands Fisher-Price
toy brands Fisher-Price

Since 1930, Fish-Price has been serving the children’s market by providing educational toys. The company is headquartered in New York in the United States. It has been a leading toy producer in America since its inception, and it has produced more than 5000 different toys.

There are many other toys for children available, from infants to adults, and at reasonable prices.

4. Mattel

Toy Brands Mattel
toy brands Mattel

Mattel is a must-have on any list of the best US toy brands. Mattle, Inc. was founded in 1945 as an American toy producing organization. It is a parent company for several brands like “Hot Wheels,” but it also owns many products such as “Barbie the Doll.”

Mattel’s main focus is on producing action figures and dolls for children aged between 0 and 18 years.

The toys are also available at a variety of prices that is still quite affordable.

5. Kids2

Toy Brands Kids2
toy brands Kids2

Kids2 seems to be a market leader in the toy industry for toddlers, despite numerous brands. This brand is also known as ” Kids II” and claims to help parents create a brighter future for their babies. The company offers a wide range of toys that will surely entertain the children.

Kids2 has a number of famous brands, including “Baby Einstein,” a line of toys, flashcards and baby gear.

There are also other products like “Ingenuity”, “Bright Starts” that include fancy walkers, and musical sleepers. Due to the high quality of these products, you should expect to pay accordingly.

6. Manhattan Toy Company

Manhattan Toy Company
Manhattan Toy Company

In 1978, Francis Goldwyn created the first soft toy, “Dinosaur,” which was introduced in New York. Today, the Manhattan Toy Company continues to fulfill the founders’ vision by manufacturing different toys for kids aged between 0 months and 5 years.

There are many toys to choose from, including “Playdate Friends Freddie”, “Musical Lili Llama” and “Playground Adventure”. The prices may vary depending on which category they fall into, but the products seem affordable.

7. Little Tikes

Little Tikes Toy Brands
Little Tikes toy brands

Little Tikes, a US-based manufacturer of toys for children, has its headquarters in Ohio. The company provides a wide range of toys for children aged 0 to 4.

You can find four categories of toys in the Little Tikes line: “Baby Toys”, “Ride-Ons & Wagons”, and “Active Play”.

The firm also sells “Baby furniture” such as fancy beds for kids and more.

8. Step2

Step2 Toy Brands
Step2 toy brands

Step2 is a must when talking about the biggest preschool and toddler toys available in America. The company is committed to promoting education among the younger generation. It is for this reason that the toys are marketed to school-going kids.

To ensure that the organization is able to meet the needs of children, the majority of Step2’s employees are parents or grandparents. They help this organization produce the correct toys at a reasonable price.

Step2 has more than ten categories of toys and hundreds brands. Some of the most popular products are “Springtime Wheelbarrow,” Deluxe Workshop,” and Fantasy Vanity.

9. Green Toys

Green Toys
Green Toys

Green Toys, a brand of American toys for children, claims to make toys from recycled plastic bottles. The conversion is 100% environmental-friendly and safe for the children. These toys are safe for toddlers, and children up to three years old.

The pricing is also very attractive and affordable. Green Toys offers a variety of products, including “Rescue Boat,” “Trucks,” and “Airplane and Board Book.” They also offer bath and outdoor toys.

10. Crayola

Crayola Brand
Crayola brand

Crayola LLC was founded in 1885 as “Binney & Smith Company” and is a brand of children’s toy with a specialization in colors. It is best known for its crayons and toys that make young consumers happy.

Crayola offers a complete set of playsets called “Scribble Scubbie Pets” in addition to crayons.

All the sets include a variety of crayons and toy figurines with pet faces that you can order in bulk or add to your cart.

11. K’NEX


K’NEXmight be the answer to your search for low-cost construction toys. K’NEX’s “Dragon Revenge Coaster” is a popular toy that allows kids to build an incredible roller-coaster. The best part is that children can make the dragon ride the roller coaster with a simple push.

There are also “Pac Man”, roller coaster sets, and more. K’NEX is a toy that’s meant for kids aged 10-15+. Currently, Basic Fun has purchased the K’NEX brand. However, the products continue to be marketed under the original name.

12. Vermont Teddy Bear

Vermont Teddy Bear
Vermont Teddy Bear

This Vermont Teddy Bear Company specializes in the production of teddy-bears and is one the largest teddy-bear sellers in the USA. The brand is known for its handmade teddies, which are sold worldwide.

You can buy teddy-bears for every occasion. For example, you can get a “Graduation Bear,” which wears a black gown. Or a “Hoodie-Footie Bear,” with a pink hood. But some of the best-selling products are “Get Well Bear,” a “Mermaid Bear,” or a “Baby Boy/Baby Girl Bear.”

The products are แพง because they are handmade.

13. Uncle Goose

Uncle Goose
Uncle Goose

Uncle Goose products can help you reach your target market if you believe that your audience consists of toddlers and little kids who prefer classic toys. This brand makes wooden blocks with harmless and non-toxic ink. All products are made in the USA and affordable.

Uncle Goose’s most popular toys are the “Cubelings”, “Classic Blocks” and the “Uncle Goose Language Collection”. You can also find different languages on the blocks including Arabic, Danish and Chinese.

14. Maple Landmark

Maple Landmark
Maple Landmark

Maple Landmark has been a brand of eco-friendly wooden toys and games for children in the United States since 1979. The company offers products for children aged one month to eight years at different prices.

The National Parenting Center awarded Maple Landmark the Seal Of Approval in 2020 for its “Stack Like an Egyptian” building block.

15. Spooner Boards

 Spooner Boards
 Spooner Boards

Spooner boardsis an American toy brand which only manufactures prototype hoverboards. It is aimed at young surfers, who are looking for a way to learn balance early on. This is why Spooner Boards has a great demand from children aged between 6 and 15 years old.

The “Freestyle Balance Board”, and the “Spinflyer”, are two of the most important products, which have been the star products in the company for many years. All products are fun, economical and challenging.

16. Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix
Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix are a type of molding toy for children that is made from non-toxic knitting yarn and wax. This is a brand made in the USA that encourages creativity and art among youth. These sticks can be shaped into any shape that children imagine and increase their creativity.

Wikki’s product range includes a variety of activity kits with different themes. You can also shop for educational and office products at the company, but its main brand “Wikki” is available at affordable prices.

17. American Plastic Toys

American Plastic Toys
American Plastic Toys

American Plastic Toys is a company that has been manufacturing “safe toys” for children since 1962. To ensure safety, each toy is tested several times and then approved by FDA. The company sells more than 125 toys for children, ranging from kitchen sets to doll toys and role-play toys.

Some products are in high demand, including the “Fashion Doll Beach Cruiser,” the “Fashion Doll Set,” the “Dollhouse,” or “Doll Cozy Cottage.” American Plastic Toys focuses on “girlish” products for children up to five years of age, even though other products such as the “Quad Rider” and the “School Bus Ride On” are popular with the “boyish segment”.

Toy Brands across Europe

18. LEGO

Lego Brand
lego brand

LEGO was founded in Denmark in 1932. The company began exploring new geographic locations in order to show its strength. Soon, LEGO was attracting customers from around the world. The famous LEGO brand is known for its interlocking bricks, which allow users to express their creativity.

Some of the most popular themes include ‘LEGO Mario’, ‘LEGO Star War’, ‘LEGO Batman’, and ‘LEGO Spidey’.

LEGO toys may be expensive, but they are suitable for a broad age range starting at 1.5 years old and up to 18 years of age.

19. Steiff

Steiff Toy Brands
Steiff toy brands

Steiff is a well-known brand in the world of soft toys. It has been around since 1880. The German toy company is known for its high-quality teddy bears. The first toy ever sold by the company was an elephant stuffed with stuffing.

Steiff has primarily targeted children and young children aged between 0-15 years old. Steiff is a great option if you are looking for baby toys.

Steiff’s toys are expensive compared to those of its competitors. Steiff’s top brands include “Trampili elephant,” “Starry Sea Star,” and “Kristopher Labrador.”

20. Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty
Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty , a French brand of children’s toys founded in 1972, is the Moulin Roty . The company claims that it uses the best materials, including French fabrics and French fabrics, to create its toys. Fortunately, they are affordable.

Moulin Roty has a variety of products that are suitable for babies/newborns to children aged 4+ years. However, the stuffed toys such as “Tiny Albert the Sheep,” Little Nini the Mouse” and “Gabin the Koala” seem to satisfy all.

21. Janod


Janod has been a French brand since 1970, known for its traditional toys made of wood and cardboard. The company expanded its product range in 2008, introducing several bestsellers like “The Magnetic World Puzzle.”

The brand also offers a new line of toys for babies and toddlers, including “Push and Pull Toys”, “Pyramids and Blocks”, “Music Toys” and more. You can also find Janod toys at affordable prices for children aged 2-8 years.

22. Djeco


Djeco was founded in Paris in 1954. It is an important brand for educational toys. The brand also produces wooden and cardboard toys, jigsaws and more for babies, toddlers and children over 12 years.

More than 100 products are available in five categories of toys for children. Children love “Pearls of Dew,” ‘Emile and Olive,’ ‘Colomba and Ze birdhouse”, and a “Cubic House”. These products are available at a reasonable price.

23. Vilac Toys

Vilac Toys
Vilac Toys

Vilac toys is a French brand that produces classic toys for children and babies up to two years old. Outdoor toys, ride-ons, and rocking toys are available.

Its pull toys like “Island Bird”, “Rosy Cow” are attractive to crawling and walking infants. The prices of the toys are high, but they’re justified by the materials and costs used to make them.

24. Playmobil


Playmobilis one of the top German toy brands. The company has actively participated in the production of educational and construction toys, but with colorful themes and Action Figures to ensure that fun is constant. The toys are designed for children aged 4-12 and have a steeper design.

Playmobil’s “Back to the Future”, “Dino Rise”, and other themed playsets are well-known. Western films are a whole category, with action figures like the cowboys, sheriffs, and Indians. The “Palace”, on the other hand, is also a very popular playset among children.

Toy Brands In India

25. Funskool


Funskool, an Indian toy company founded in 1987, is a producer of toys. The company not only manufactures and distributes international toy brands such as Disney Warner Bros, Hasbro, and Warner Bros, but also acquires their personal brands.

Funskool products are aimed at children aged between 0-14 years. Most of the toys are made from plastic and considered non-toxic and soft toy brands. These include shape sorters and stacking rings.

It also offers board games at affordable prices for children such as chess, draughts (a game similar to draughts), snakes and ladders, Chinese checkers and traditional ludo.

26. Zephyr Toys

Zephyr Toys
Zephyr Toys

Zephyr toys are another Indian toy maker that has been around since 1983. Its goal is to encourage children to learn through play. Brands like Red Bus Mechanix and Blix are used to teach engineering to young children.

Zephyr Toys also offers a variety of toys for children and teenagers. These include doctor sets, boardgames, construction games and puzzles. Zephyr Toys are popular in India, despite their high prices.

27. Brainsmith


Brainsmith also sells some of these creative toys. This Indian manufacturer offers educational toys as well as percussion toys made from premium wood. This manufacturer has a niche market that focuses on babies between 2 and 3 years.

Toys that are popular among children include “Super Transporter Lorry,” “Magnetic Fishery,” and “Shape Sorting Clock.” The company offers all goods at a low price, but claims that they are durable.

28. Smartivity


Smartivityis a startup in India that is quickly gaining recognition. This brand, as its name implies, offers wooden and plastic building toys for children aged between 3 and 8.

Smartivity’s toys are still popular because they encourage creativity in children.

Smartivity’s top-selling toys are the “Pinball Machine”, “Mechanical Hand”, “Microscope”, and “Hydraulic crane”.

Toy Brands In China

29. Gigo Toys

Gigo Toys
Gigo Toys

The toy industry has been reshaped by the technology age. Kids are currently more interested in robots and gadgets than ordinary toys.

Gigo Toys has focused on creating toys that are both entertaining and educational.

This brand of toys manufactures average-quality assembly bricks and tech bricks that help children show off their creativity by joining plastic shapes and blocks to create zoo track, cars, planes and robots.

30. Top Bright

Top Bright
Top Bright

Top Brightmanufactures kid’s educational toy in China since more than 30 years. Top Bright’s popular brands include “Puzzle and learning,” “Pretend Play,” “Building Toys,” and Family Games.

Top Bright has a limited range of toys, but most are suitable for kids aged 5-14. The price is also a bit higher than other brands that offer similar toys.

31. Classic World Toys

Classic World Toys
Classic World Toys

Classic World Toys was founded in China, in 1998. It is known for its baby toy lines for children up to 3 years old. Currently, the company’s major customers are in Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore.

Class World Toys is also a company that has won many awards for its products. These include the “Learning Walker”, “Coco Truck”, “Tool Belt” and “Multi-activity Cube”.

32. AULDEY Toy

It is fair to say that AULDEY, in a certain sense, is China’s version of Disney. It has a lot of original Chinese intellectual property, including the popular “Pleasant Goat & Big Big Wolf”, “Balala the Fairies” and many others.

AULDEY sells toys and products that are popular with hundreds of millions children and teens. It has also set up thousands of sales centres and expanded its distribution networks throughout China.

What criteria is used to determine the 32 best toys brands in the World?

Best Toys Brands
best toys brands

Experts and reviewers usually consider various criteria to determine the 32 best toys brands in the entire world. These criteria are crucial in evaluating a brand’s quality, popularity and safety. They also help to determine its overall impact. The following are some of the most important criteria that determines the best toy brands:

Toy Quality: Toy quality, such as the materials used, their durability and overall workmanship, is a major factor in ranking brands.

Safety Standards: It is important to evaluate toy brands based on their compliance with safety standards and regulations.

Popularity and Brand Reputation – The popularity and reputation of a brand can affect its ranking.

Toys that are innovative, creative, and unique in their design will be viewed favorably.

Consumer Reviews and Comments: The feedback from consumers can play a major role in ranking a brand.

Sales and Market Presence. The performance of a brand’s sales and its market presence can be a good indicator of its popularity and success.

Industry Awards and Recognition: Industry awards and accolades are a great way to solidify your brand as a top brand.

Experts can create a list of top 32 toy brands by evaluating these criteria, conducting extensive research and analysis and comparing them.


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