Makeup has empowered so many to express themselves in any way they choose. There are many different types of makeup because makeup has no limitations. You, me, everyone. If you are a makeup newbie or a makeup fan who wants to learn more about makeup types, this guide is for you.

Different Types of Makeup Styles

OK, let’s take a look the types of makeup styles! Choose different makeup looks for different occasions and become the focus of the audience. 🙂

Nude Makeup

You might be familiar with the nude makeup trend. While bold lips and strong highlights remain popular, it is possible that you are not a newbie to this look. The nude makeup, or no-makeup look, is everywhere on the internet. From IG models and celebrities to the general public. It’s like your own skin, but better. It’s all about using sheer products to make your skin glow from the inside. Use a hydrating, preferably hyaluronic-acid serum to give your skin a boost of moisture. Next, use a light moisturizer or primer and a BB Cream. 

Last but not least, go for a minimalist approach to eye makeup, blush and lip gloss. You now have a nude makeup style that’s perfect for special occasions and everyday wear.

Nude Makeup-Types Of Makeup
Nude Makeup-types of makeup

This makeup style is designed to give you a flawless and natural appearance as if no makeup was worn. The no-makeup look will enhance your complexion and features without making you appear to be trying too hard. This is perfect for daily wear because it is quick, easy and flattering to everyone.

Retro Makeup Look

Retro Makeup Look-Types Of Makeup
Retro Makeup Look-types of makeup

It is a makeup look that is inspired by beauty trends from the past. For example, the 1920s or 1950s. Products like red lipstick, winged liner or colorful eyeshadow are often used. Retro makeup can be used to create a nostalgic and vintage look, and also show your creativity and personality. You can mix and match elements and colors of different eras and create your own retro look.

Glitter Makeup Look

Glitter Makeup Look-Types Of Makeup
Glitter Makeup Look-types of makeup

It is a style of makeup that adds sparkle and shine to the face by using glitter or shimmer products. This can be done on the eyes, lips or cheeks. You can look festive and fun with a glitter makeup look. It will also catch the attention of others. Use any glitter color or shape you want, whether it’s pink, silver, gold or star-shaped.

HD Makeup

Hd Makeup-Types Of Makeup
HD Makeup-types of makeup

HD makeup is similar to wearing an Instagram filter, with no dark circles, large pores, or uneven skin tone. This makeup has a full coverage and reflects light but is still feather-light. It does not appear overdone. You can’t see any makeup in creases or fine lines. How? HD powders and foundations contain special pigments which blur light when it reflects. This gives your face a beautiful sheen and reflects the light like natural skin. This is the makeup that TV actors wear most often. 

HD makeup came about thanks to HD TV screens that could now show even the smallest flaws on the skin. The HD makeup could be used to hide the makeup and blur skin imperfections visible on camera.

Gothic Makeup Look

Gothic Makeup Look-Types Of Makeup
Gothic Makeup Look-types of makeup

This makeup style is heavily influenced by gothic culture. It uses products like black eyeshadows, black eyeliner and black nail polish. Gothic makeup can be used to express your dark, edgy and rebellious side. Add some accessories like chokers or piercings or tattoos to your gothic makeup look.

Monochromatic Makeup Look

Monochromatic Makeup Look-Types Of Makeup
Monochromatic Makeup Look-types of makeup

It is a style of makeup that uses the exact same color for the eyes, lips and cheeks. Monochromatic makeup can have a unified and elegant look, while also making your makeup application simpler. You can pick any color to suit your mood, outfit and skin tone. For example, pink, peach or red.

Colorful Makeup Look

Colorful Makeup Look-Types Of Makeup
Colorful Makeup Look-types of makeup

This makeup style uses vibrant and bright colors to create an energetic and cheery effect. It is often used on the eyes, lips or cheeks. Colorful makeup can be used to show your adventurous and playful side as well as your mood. You can choose any color combination you want, including blue, green, yellow or rainbow.

Bridal makeup

Bridal Makeup-Types Of Makeup
Bridal makeup-types of makeup

The bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. The makeup must be flawless, regardless of whether the bride is looking to look simply beautiful or stunning. The groom and guests at the wedding are eagerly awaiting the bride’s arrival to walk down the aisle. You are the most beautiful bride that anyone has ever seen. Most women choose to have their makeup done professionally.

Editorial Makeup

Editorial Makeup-Types Of Makeup
Editorial Makeup-types of makeup

You can use a editorial makeup if you are in a studio or a place with lighting. When shooting albums, magazines for example, editorial makeup will be required. Lighting is also important when it comes to flat makeup. Editorial makeup also requires an understanding of popular fashion. By adding his own design ideas, the makeup artist can sometimes break free from traditional creativity. Nature is a great source of inspiration. Editorial makeup is popular and has a specific era background. The makeup style of the character must therefore match the content.

Evening Makeup Look

Evening Makeup Look-Types Of Makeup
Evening Makeup Look-types of makeup

Evening makeup is called so because most parties take place in the evening. The party makeup is about radiant, elegant and gorgeousness. It is also bold and sexy. Evening makeup is different from day makeup. Why is it different? For daytime makeup, you must apply products that protect you from the sun and dust. However, evening makeup does not require you to carry these products. You would obviously want to shine and feel special at a party with all the other gorgeous ladies and handsome men. Evening makeup is required for many events, including proms, cocktail parties, corporate parties, and more.

Film and Television Makeup

Film And Television Makeup
Film and Television Makeup

Film and television makeup is required for filming and television work. Film and television makeup allows actors to better blend into the background of the film or television and the plot. Sometimes, makeup artists must also use special makeup skills, reasonable styling design, and special makeup skills to add special effects on actors. Film and television makeup can include many different types of makeup such as special effects makeup, sick makeup, wound makeup etc. Some film and TV makeup requires special pigments. Film and television makeup must also have a pleasing feel, and not deviate in any way from the story.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup
Permanent Makeup

What would it be like to post a “I woke-up this way” photo in real time? You can achieve the same morning glow without the hassle of applying lip gloss, brow pencil, or blush. Permanent makeup is a way to achieve perfectly done lips, eyes and more. It also lasts a long time. You’ve probably heard about microblading because of the recent boom in interest for brows. This is just the beginning. 

You can now get semi-permanent tattoos of makeup. Lip blushing is the first option. You’ll receive a sheer wash of colour on your entire lip. It’s subtle, perhaps a shade darker than your normal lip color.

You can’t leave home without eyeliner! Now you can! The eyeliner and lash-enhancing tattoos are a great way to enhance your lashes. For those who don’t wear makeup, but still want fuller, well-groomed lashes. You can customize the eyeliner tattoo to your preference – opt for a bold look, a wing shape, or if you prefer fewer details. You can transform your lashes to a piece of art that will last for 12 to 18 months.

Remember when freckles were cool? People have tried everything to mimic freckles. From henna to eyeliner dibs. It is no surprise that as the trend towards natural makeup and looks is increasing, people are starting to use freckles for their beauty marks. The simplest, semi-permanent way to fix this problem is by getting freckle tattoos. The freckles look exactly like the real ones!

Makeup steps

1.Prepare your face before applying makeup (cleanse the face, apply lotion and sunscreen, then primer).

2. Base makeup (liquid Foundation/BB Cream – Concealer – Setting Powder)

3. Eyebrow Makeup (eyebrow powder, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow tint and concealer).

4. Eye makeup (eye base – eye shadow – eyeliner – eyelash curler – mascara)

5. Lip makeup (lip primer – lip liner – lipstick/color – lip concealer)

6. Contouring (shadow/blush/highlight)

Makeup Tips:

It depends on your specific situation. Use an eyebrow pencil or powder if you have thicker eyebrows or are oily.

Apply concealer before foundation to avoid powder sticking.

Do not listen to others’ opinions about cosmetics. Consider whether the products are right for you. You can also distinguish between oily, combination or dry skin.


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