Wholesale camping gear from China has become increasingly popular in recent years. Camping gear is a very popular category of outdoor supplies and contains many products.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to buy some camping gear for daily use at wholesale prices or buy business gear in bulk. This article will tell you where to find Chinese camping equipment suppliers online and offline, and private label solutions for your camping gear products

where to buy camping gear, we will tell you with online and offline.

Wholesale Camping Gear From China Online

Sourcing on Alibaba

When it comes to finding Chinese suppliers, most importers usually think of Alibaba. After all, it is the largest B2B website in China. Many people are always confused and dizzy when looking for factories. There are too many suppliers on the site. You must be able to recognize outdoor equipment manufacturers and trading companies.

There are some tips you should know when you are looking for camping equipment suppliers. Often, many factories have only one production line, which forces them to specialize rather than produce a variety of products. As a result, it is not possible for a company to produce many types of outdoor products.

For example, a few factories can produce tents and sleeping bags. In addition, they can also produce other outdoor products. If you find many product categories in an Alibaba store, then it is usually a trading company.

Camping Gear Trade Company
Camping Gear trade company

Some factories make their own products and buy others to sell with them. You have to ask more suppliers to compare prices.

A factory that makes sleeping bags also buys tents and beach umbrellas. It acts as a middleman. The sleeping bag may be cheaper, but other products may not be. You’ll have to ask other factories to do price comparisons.

Sourcing on DHgate, AliExpress

Do you want to buy camping equipment at a low price from China, but not for business? For example, your company organizes outdoor activities and needs to buy lots of camping gear. It may also be necessary to buy some outdoor products as gifts for employees.

In this case, you can go to DHgate and AliExpress to find some online stores. They have a small order quantity and a wide range of products.

 Dhgate And Aliexpress
DHgate and AliExpress

If you want to import camping gear from China for business and want to maintain a good sales relationship, I wouldn’t recommend DHgate and AliExpress. It’s difficult to guarantee the quality of the products you purchase. Most of them are middlemen who purchase from different factories or trading companies. They can’t guarantee the quality of your goods.

If you buy 300 tents at wholesale price on Alibaba, there is no problem. However, if you also want to purchase 300 buttons’ tents that the supplier doesn’t produce, you can ask your tent supplier to help you buy 300 buttons’ tents from other places.

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However, they may also reject you because the order is too small. You can buy them from DHgate or AliExpress and send them to your supplier. Let your supplier help you pack them.

Some people have heard of some scams with DHgate and Aliexpress. So please check everything about Aliexpress and DHgate before you use them.

Wholesale Camping Gear From China Offline

Camping gear has a wide range of products. There are many market in China located in different regions. I will share information on the manufacturers of wholesale camping gear in China with you.


Yiwu is known for its huge commodity market, the Yiwu International Trade Market. It has numerous suppliers offering a wide range of camping gear and outdoor equipment at wholesale prices.

Yiwu International Trade Market – This vast market is segmented into different districts, with District 2 particularly relevant for camping and outdoor products. You can find everything from camping tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags to outdoor clothing and footwear.


Guangzhou is a major clothing, bag, and suitcase production center. Some inexpensive, high-quality outdoor clothes are popular with overseas consumers.


Ningbo is known for its manufacturing strength in specific product categories such as tools, machinery, and outdoor products. You can find manufacturers that specialize in camping equipment such as tents, outdoor cooking tools, and camping furniture. It is one of the most famous port in China, and is developed shipping.


Known as a tech hub, Shenzhen offers innovative camping gear incorporating modern technologies, such as solar-powered devices, GPS-enabled tools, outdoor lighting, and high-tech tents.

Huaqiangbei Electronics Market (Shenzhen)

Huaqiangbei Electronics Market Primarily known for electronics, Huaqiangbei also offers innovative camping gear with electronic components, such as LED camping lights, solar chargers, and electronic navigation tools. Ideal for sourcing high-tech camping accessories and gadgets.

Camping Gear Exhibitions in China

Canton Fair (Guangzhou)

The Canton Fair is held semi-annually and features a large section dedicated to outdoor goods and camping gear during its Phase 3. It attracts thousands of exhibitors from across China and around the world.

Canton Fair Complex
canton fair complex

Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center (Ningbo)

Although Ningbo hosts various trade shows, its manufacturers are known for producing high-quality camping gear, often showcased during local and international exhibitions held at the convention center.

Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) (Shanghai)

SNIEC hosts various trade shows, including those focused on sports and outdoor products. These exhibitions often feature innovative camping products and technologies.

Sniec - Wholesale Camping Gear
SNIEC – Wholesale Camping Gear

Private Label Solutions for Wholesale Camping Gear Products

Functionality and quality are important for camping gear products. There are many camping gear products in the series.

If a customer buys tents from you and likes them, he will buy a water bottle with your logo on it because he trusts your products. So, if you want to build a long-term business and develop your own product line, branding your products is important.

Branded products are of great quality and reliable. People are willing to pay more for a product with a brand. It is easy to identify from lots of competitors.

There are several private label solutions for most outdoor products.


It’s save time and budget, applied for fabric, without MOQ.

Suppliers usually charge a fee for making a silkscreen logo. The fee is around $20 per color, and the printing cost is around 6 cents. Silk screen printing is a traditional method used to print on different materials, such as t-shirts, fabrics, and wood. Images are created through a stencil process.

Printing Tents - Private Label Solutions
Printing tents – Private Label Solutions


It is higher quality

Embroidery Bag - Private Label Solutions
Embroidery bag – Private Label Solutions

 Laser Engraving

It looks more natural and not be scratched off. No need mold fee, just pay around 10 cents each base on logo size and quantity.

 Laser Engraving Tool - Private Label Solutions
 Laser Engraving tool – Private Label Solutions

Woven Label

Higher quality than printing, cost $0.1-$0.3, depending on size and quantity. In usual condition, the label supplier has a minimum charge of around $30.

Woven Label - Private Label Solutions
Woven Label – Private Label Solutions


Would you like to choose camping gear category or some other products for starting your business. Or, you want to learn more about wholesale camping gear from China. Please contact us, help you wholesale or customize camping products from China. 

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