Temu vs Wish: Which is Better? Many people ask this question. Today, we are going to talk about this. Wish and Temu, offer a plethora of products at competitive prices, making them go-to destinations for bargain hunters worldwide. But do you know what is Temu, or what is Wish, which is better when Temu vs Wish. In this post, we will introduce the difference in Temu vs Wish in business model, website interface, price, shipping time and so on with other platforms.

What is Temu?

Temu, a legal marketplace was established in the US 2022. PDD Holdings owns it. Temu, despite its recent launch, has already gained more than 100 million active users across the United States by April 2023. According to Similarweb’s statistics, Temu receives 286.6 million monthly visits.

Temu offers a wide range of products, from home goods and electronics to clothing and jewelry. Most of the products are from China and are therefore at low prices. Temu offers flash sales, heavy discounts and seasonal sales so you can shop like a millionaire.

Tips: What is Temu? And Is Temu Legit and Safe?

At its core, Temu seeks to democratize shopping by making it accessible to everyone, everywhere. With a vast range of products spanning categories like fashion, beauty, home goods, and electronics, the platform aims to cater to a wide audience. Temu assures its customers of stringent quality checks and an easy return policy.

What is Wish?

The popular online marketplace , based in the US, is wish . Wish was launched in more than a decade ago and has since expanded to the most important countries around the globe.

Wish is a similar site to Temu. It offers a wide range of products and services at affordable prices. Wish has everything from electronics to clothing, pet supplies, and home decor.

Wish is a global marketplace that connects buyers from around the world with suppliers in China and elsewhere. Delivery can be slow as most products are sent overseas. Wish has a lot of discounts and shipping options that are cost-effective for many items.

Temu Vs Wish
temu vs wish

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Temu vs Wish: Detailed comparison

Let’s compare and contrast their main features now that you have a better understanding of Temu.

Website Interface

Wish.com Vs Temu
wish.com vs temu

You can find a well-organized website on the Temu homepage. Temu has sorted products into different categories. You can easily navigate through a category to locate a particular product. You can get a quick look at recommended products by hovering over them. You can find similar products by clicking “Quick Look”.

After clicking on Quick View, Temu will suggest similar items.

Wish, unlike Temu did not categorize all products. It sorted products into categories such as “Popular”, Express”, “BlitzBuy”, “Trending”, Fashion, etc. In some cases, it is difficult to locate an item by clicking on a category. You can search for an item by entering keywords into the search box at the top of the page.

Use the search box to find a product on Wish

Product Categories

Both Temu and Wish offer a large range of products. Both companies have similar product categories, such as clothing, electronics and home products. They also sell pet supplies, automotive accessories, and pet supplies.

Temu offers a larger selection of products than Wish, thanks to its extensive network of suppliers and the resources of Pinduoduo. Wish does offer some product categories that may be difficult to locate on Temu. Wish, for example, allows sellers to sell items such as baby gear, sexual wellness products, and drinks. Temu doesn’t even categorize the products for its customers.

Wish has a few categories of products you won’t find easily on Temu

Product quality

Both Temu Wish are popular online marketplaces. They are merely intermediaries that connect you with sellers. The quality of the products you buy is often directly related to the seller with whom you deal. These platforms have a rigorous process for vetting sellers. Some are not reliable or committed to providing high-quality goods. Some buyers are happy with the products they purchased, while others may not be.

You should always read the reviews, descriptions and seller ratings before making a purchase. This will help you to reduce the chances of purchasing a product of poor quality. You can check the quality of a product by ordering a sample prior to purchasing large quantities.

Some buyers’ reviews for their shopping experience on Temu


Temu, as well as Wish, offer products at lower prices than other marketplaces such Amazon. Both platforms offer discounts on a wide range of products.

Temu, however, is cheaper due to its strong supply chain and pricing strategies. Temu’s goal is to help you save money and drive sales with minimal profits. The majority of products are available at low prices and qualify for free shipping.

The prices of products on Wish are slightly more expensive than those at Temu. In most cases, you will also need to pay for shipping costs.

Temu Vs Wish Price
temu vs wish price

As an example, I would like to purchase a cat toy similar to the one shown on this image.

I searched for “cat toys”, and found cat toys that were similar. I can only get one for $3.08, including shipping. The seller is a pet supply specialist with a rating of 4,74 out of 5 Most reviews are positive for this toy. This is a good deal for me.

Temu allows me to buy this cat toys for only $3.08

When I searched for the same keywords on Wish, there were fewer options than on Temu. For the cat toy that I want, I have to pay $5.77 and $0.99 for shipping. Although the offer was also good, I would prefer to purchase from Temu because it allows me to receive my order faster.

Payment Methods

Temu accepts PayPal and Apple Pay. You can also pay using Afterpay, Klarna or Affirm. All major credit cards are accepted, including Visa, Mastercard Discover, American Express JCB Diners Club Maestro, JCB Diners Club and JCB. You can buy now and pay later if you use Klarna Affirm and Afterpay. It will increase the security of your transaction.

Wish accepts payments, just like Temu. PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay are among the options. Other payment methods include iDeal (Credit Card), Boleto and Oxxo, Ebanx and debit cards. Some payment methods are not available in your area. Select one of the options shown during checkout. You can pay in 4 interest-free installments with some payment options, such as Afterpay and Klarna.

Some payment methods on Wish

Shipping costs and times

Most of the products sold on Temu or Wish are imported from China. Shipping costs and times can vary between platforms.

Temu typically takes between 6 and 25 days to fulfill an order. Standard Shipping is included in almost all orders. Express Shipping is available for orders over $129 and is also free. With the provided tracking information, you can keep track of all your orders. You can also get $5 back if you order is late.

Wish offers a variety of shipping options depending on the product and the destination. Standard Shipping, Wish Express 2 Day Delivery Flat Rate Shipping and Ship to Store are all available. In my research, I discovered that the majority of sellers offer Standard Shipping and Ship To Store. The first usually costs $2.99, takes less time and costs $0.99. Shipping times to the US are usually between 10 and 30 days. If your order is not delivered by the date listed as Refund Eligible in your Order History you can contact Wish Customer Service and request a refund.

Temu’s shipping policy

Policy on Returns and Refunds

Temu gives you 90 days to return any item you don’t like. The first order return is free of charge. You will need to pay $7.99 for the second return. This fee will be deducted off your refund. The refund will be credited to the original account within 5-14 days. Return the package within 14-days of submitting the return request.

In contrast to Temu Wish allows you returns an item up to 30 days after its delivery. Contact Wish’s customer service if your item qualifies for a return. You are responsible for the majority of the costs associated with returning the order.

Temu return process

Customer service

You can contact Temu customer service via live chat, social media or email. Temu offers customer service 24/7. Temu allows you to contact the seller directly. You can easily address any issues or concerns you may have regarding your order.

Live chat is available on Wish to contact the customer service assistant. It may take a while to get an actual person’s response instead of a bot. If you are a follower of their social media accounts, you can also contact Wish customer service via . While I was following Wish on Instagram, i tried to send them a message to ask for details about a case. Unfortunately, I received no response after 8 minutes.

I asked a question via the live chat support on Wish


Temu and Wish both have marketplaces and sell pre-designed products. They offer limited customization.

Temu returned a lot of results when I searched for customizable product. In most cases, I can only alter the color, size and pattern. It’s possible that I could add some basic designs on a few products. It is unlikely that I will be able to create what I desire on Temu.

A necklace on Temu that allows me to add texts

I then did the same thing on Wish. In the end, I discovered some products that were not popular with consumers. I then entered another keyword into the search box. The drop-down list only displays a few niches. Wish offers fewer customization options than Temu.

Search results for “Customized” in the dropdown menu of Wish

Temu vs Wish Which is Better?

Temu and Wish are online shopping platforms. Temu is easier to use and generally cheaper, offering free shipping on most items. Wish charges for shipping and its delivery times are longer. Temu allows returns up to 90 days after purchase and the first return is free.

Wish allows returns within 30 days, but the buyer must pay for return shipping. Both sites offer a variety of products like clothing and electronics and have multiple payment options. However, Temu tends to be more user-friendly and cost-effective, while Wish offers more customization options.

Temu is better than Wish when it comes to the website interface and product selection, as well as shipping, refund and return policies, customer service and customization. If you consider these factors, then I personally think Temu outperforms Wish.

You should consider Wish, however, if you are unable to locate your niche products on Temu. Wish is also more widespread than Temu which, at the moment, focuses primarily on the US market. Wish is a better option if your market is not the US.

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Temu Vs Wish Summary
Temu vs Wish Summary

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Temu vs Wish vs Shein

Expanding the comparison to include Shein, another heavyweight in the online shopping arena, adds another dimension to the analysis. Shein specializes in fast fashion, offering trendy clothing and accessories at affordable prices. The platform has gained a massive following, particularly among younger consumers, for its ability to quickly bring fashion trends from the runway to consumers’ closets.

In comparison to Wish and Temu, Shein places a stronger emphasis on fashion, which may limit its appeal to those looking for a broader range of products. However, for consumers primarily interested in clothing and accessories, Shein’s focused selection and fast turnover of styles may be more attractive than the wider but less curated offerings of Wish and Temu.

Temu vs Wish vs AliExpress

Bringing AliExpress into the conversation broadens the scope further. Owned by Alibaba Group, AliExpress is a global marketplace connecting Chinese sellers with international buyers. The platform offers a vast array of products, similar to Wish, but with a stronger emphasis on electronics, gadgets, and home improvement items.

AliExpress and Wish share several similarities, including their marketplace models and global reach. However, AliExpress tends to offer more competitive pricing for electronics and gadgets, thanks to its closer ties with Chinese manufacturers. On the other hand, Temu, with its direct-to-consumer model, aims to streamline the shopping experience and potentially offer better quality assurance, setting it apart from both Wish and AliExpress.

Shipping and logistics are areas where AliExpress has made significant strides, offering various shipping options that balance cost and delivery time. Wish and Temu are continually working to improve their logistics, but AliExpress’s experience and established network give it an edge in this area.


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Why is Temu so cheap?

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Can you trust Temu?

Is it safe to buy from wish?

Is Temu the same as Shein?

Are Temu and wish the same company?

Conclusion Temu vs Wish

In the final analysis, determining whether Wish or Temu is the better platform depends on individual shopping preferences, priorities, and values. For consumers prioritizing product variety and an engaging shopping experience, Wish offers an enticing platform. Meanwhile, those valuing straightforward navigation and potentially higher product quality might lean towards Temu.

Choosing between Wish and Temu doesn’t have to be an either/or decision. Savvy shoppers can leverage both platforms to maximize their shopping efficiency and satisfaction, taking advantage of the unique strengths each has to offer.

If you have any question with them, please contact us, we are glad to answer your questions.

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