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Outdoor Furniture

Discover outdoor furniture: garden sets, dining sets, and pool furniture. Wide material range – wood, metal, plastic, stainless steel. Your Sourcing Manager at WOZO.

Sourcing Manager Wozo Categories Furniture

Home Furniture

Home furniture is essential in daily life. Whether high-end or low-cost, classic or contemporary, wood or synthetics, we offer a diverse selection at competitive prices.

Drop Shipper Home Furniture

Office Furniture

In the office furniture market, importing from China is wise. Explore our diverse selection of creative design office desks, storage, and tables.

Drop Shipper Office Furniture

Kid's Furniture

Explore children’s furniture suites, school desks, and more. We provide relevant certificates like CPSIA (USA) and CE (European market) for kid’s furniture.

Drop Shipper Kids Furniture

Bathroom Furniture

Aesthetical and functional bathroom furniture designs. Choose from a wide selection of bathroom shelves, shower chairs, and cabinets in traditional to modern styles.

Drop Shipper Bathroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture materials are diverse, including wood, glass, metal, bamboo, and rattan. China’s exports to the US and European countries are substantial.

Drop Shipper Bedroom Furniture

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