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Gardening Tools

Achieve gardening excellence with essential tools: shovels, saws, buckets, blades, and yard carts. Elevate efficiency using advanced electrical equipment.

Sourcing Company Wozo Categories Garden &Amp; Flowers

Fake Plants & Flowers

Located in Yiwu, China’s artificial plants & flower cluster. Our main materials include silk, velvet fabric, foam, plastic, and more.

Fake Plants &Amp; Flowers

Plant Pots

Transform your garden with personalized plant and flowerpots. Our sourcing company specializes in customizing ceramic, metal, wood, plastic, cloth, and paper materials.

Plant Pots

Growing Supplies

Level up your indoor gardening with premium growing supplies. Tailor lighting for optimal plant conditions, leading to accelerated growth.

Grow Light

Garden Wear

For garden tasks, common clothing and footwear like cut-resistant gloves, boots, hooded shirts, etc., are crafted from waterproof, durable materials.

Garden Wear

Garden Accessories

Garden accessories enhance, organize, and protect your garden. Explore products like simulated birds, anti-insect nets, wooden pot shelves, and more.

Mosquito Killer

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