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Electric Tools

Ensuring responsible sourcing, our electric tools cater to diverse industries, offering precision testing. Find angle clamps, wheels, detectors, and more.

Responsible Sourcing Wozo Categories Home Supplies


Whether it’s for home or business, our machines, including compost turners and juice grinders, ensure efficient performance in diverse applications.



Choose from our range of pallets, made from wooden and plastic materials, essential for efficient cargo storage in businesses.


CNC cutting tool

Opt for CNC Cutting Tools excellence: swift delivery, competitive rates, vast choices, and tailored solutions – all under one roof. Choose us today!

Cnc Cutting Tool


Improve accuracy in your work with our specialized measurement tools, covering distance, length, angle, speed, and more, for different industries.

Angle Measurement

Parts and Components

Optimize your industrial processes with high-demand parts such as pneumatic parts, warning tapes, plastic tubes, PVC sheets, and wooden pallets.

Pneumatic Parts


Streamline operations with our reliable warehouse and office supplies, including pedal-lifting platforms and foldable fences for shipping and organizing.

Hand Push Platform Trolley

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