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Fitness Equipment

China Global Sourcing: Explore a diverse selection of fitness items, including gym and home equipment, catering to fitness enthusiasts and the thriving US market.

China Global Sourcing Categories Sports &Amp; Entertainment


Explore our full range of gym clothing, including yoga suits, t-shirts, bike shorts, and more. We bring your own designs to life, step by step.



Elevate your yoga business with our diverse selection of products – from mats and wear to accessories. China global sourcing for customized branding and packaging.


Sports & Games

Experience the excitement of sporting goods and outdoor games. Explore balls, climbing walls, kid’s scooters, and more for fun and active play!

Sports &Amp; Games


Athletic footwear is specially designed for exercising, sports, and recreational activities. They are sweat-wicking, breathable, and highly durable compared to general wear.

Knee Pads


Enhance your exercise experience with protective accessories like muscle tape, waist belts, massage guns, and more. A lucrative niche market for e-commerce businesses.

Waist Support

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