Have you played Pet Simulator X? Do you want to have your own Pet Simulator X toy? This game is so popular, and the sales of Pet Simulator X toys are also very high. Now follow my footsteps and explore the world of Pet Simulator X!

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Overview of Pet Simulator X

What is Pet Simulator X

“Pet Simulator X” is a popular game on the Roblox platform, known for its engaging gameplay centered around collecting and trading various pets. Compelling blend of collection, exploration, and social gameplay. Developed by BIG Games Simulators, it’s a continuation of the Pet Simulator series and offers a rich, expansive world where players can explore different areas, each with unique pets to collect.

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How to Play Pet Simulator X

In “Pet Simulator X,” players start with a basic pet and work their way up by collecting coins and diamonds scattered across the game’s various zones. These in-game currencies can be used to purchase eggs, which hatch into a wide variety of pets, ranging from domestic animals to mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns. Each pet has its own set of stats, including speed, strength, and coin collection rate, which can be improved as players upgrade their pets.

The game emphasizes both solo and cooperative play, as players can team up to tackle more challenging areas and bosses for greater rewards. Trading is a significant aspect of the game, with players often engaging in transactions to acquire rare pets or complete their collections.

Pet Simulator X Updates

“Pet Simulator X” also features a range of limited-time events and updates, introducing new pets, areas, and mechanics to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. Its success is largely due to its simple yet addictive gameplay loop, the excitement of collecting rare pets, and the sense of progression and accomplishment as players expand their collections and explore new areas.

Social interaction is another key component, as players can join or create groups to play with friends, share tips, and trade pets. The game’s community is active, with players sharing their achievements, trading strategies, and collaborating to discover secrets within the game.

What are the Characters in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X Basic Pet

Pet Simulator X Basic Pet. These are the easiest to find and include pets like cats, dogs, and other typical domestic animals. They serve as a starting point for most players. Current value between 23.75M and 26.25M gems/diamonds.

Pet Simulator X Basic Pet
Pet Simulator X Basic Pet

Blue Marshmellow Chick

The Blue Marshmellow Chick is a Basic pet that was released with the Easter 2022 event & could be hatched from basic blue eggs that were scattered around the map.

Glitched Cat

The Glitched Cat is a Basic pet that came with the hacker portal update. It can be hatched from the Glitch Egg with a 49% chance.

Ghost Cat

The Ghost Cat is a Rare pet that that was released with the Halloween 2021 update & could have been hatched from the Eerie Egg.

Pixel Goblin

The Pixel Goblin is a Basic pet that was added with the Pixel World update & can be hatched from the Spotted Pixel Egg.

Pet Simulator X Mythical Pets

Extremely rare and powerful, mythical pets are a prized possession in “Pet Simulator X”. They often feature unique abilities and have the best stats in the game.

Pet Simulator X Mythical Pets
Pet Simulator X Mythical Pets

404 Demon

The 404 Demon is a Mythical pet that can be hatched from the Hacker Egg at around a .0093% chance. Current value between 332.5M and 367.5M gems/diamonds.

Ghoul Horse

The Ghoul Horse is a Limited / Mythical pet that can be hatched from both the Eerie & Cursed Eggs at around a .0003% chance. Current value between 712.5M and 787.5M gems/diamonds.

A 36

The A-36 is a Mythical pet that can be hatched from the Titanium Egg. Current value between 78.38M and 86.62M gems/diamonds.

Cupcake Unicorn

The Cupcake Unicorn is a Mythical pet in pet simulator x. It was introduced with the March 2023 kawaii update & can be hatched from the Cafe Egg & Sakura Egg. Current value between 712.5M and 787.5M gems/diamonds.

Pet Simulator X Codes Exclusive Pets

These pets are typically obtained through game codes, events, or purchases with Robux (the Roblox platform’s real-money currency). They’re unique and can sometimes offer special abilities or exceptionally high stats.

Pet Simulator X Codes Exclusive Pets
Pet Simulator X Codes Exclusive Pets

Anime Egg

The Anime Egg is an Exclusive Egg that could have been purchased for 400 Robux each during the PSX Anime Update. It can be hatched for Exclusives or traded to other players. Current value between 421.32B and 465.68B gems/diamonds.

Dominus Astra

The Dominus Astra is an Exclusive pet that was available to purchase on release day for 5,000 Robux. Current value between 101.89B and 112.61B gems/diamonds.

Hologram Axolotl

The Hologram Axolotl was added with the Hologram update in Pet Simulator X. It could have been hatched from the Hologram Exclusive egg at a 13% chance. Current value between 3.85B and 4.25B gems/diamonds.


Doge is an Exclusive meme pet that was available on release day for 500 Robux. Current value between 94.07B and 103.98B gems/diamonds.

Why Selling Pet Simulator X Toys is a Great Opportunity?

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Pet Simulator X Toys are Selling Incredibly Well

Due to the variety of pet types in Pet Simulator X and the attractive shapes of the plush toys, players, especially children, began to look for plush toys online. That’s why Pet Simulator X toys are in high demand.

Pet Simulator X Toys
Pet Simulator X Toys

You can Sell the Toys for Extra Profit

This game is suitable for people of any age. There are a large number of pets in the game and a variety of toys. It highly restores the prototype of the pet, so its sales are excellent.

Trend About Pet Simulator X
trend about Pet Simulator X

You can wholesale import Pet Simulator X toys from wozo sourcing. This is a low-cost and high-profit transaction. There are few toy suppliers but high demand, which brings great business opportunities.

SEMRUSH Data Reveals the High Demand

Semrush About Pet Simulator X
SEMRUSH about Pet Simulator X

According to SEMRUSH data, approximately 126.7k people searched for Pet Simulator X online. What does it reveal? People are also said to be very interested in buying gaming toys online while playing games.
The high demand for toys shows that selling toys online has huge profit potential. By catering to this need, you can be sure to make good profits from your online sales.

Our world is full of computers and phones. It’s good to remember toys help us take a break from screens. Toys make kids move and play in real life.

Now, the toy market in the US is really big, worth $305 billion. It will get even bigger, reaching $405 billion by 2026. This is a great chance for toy sellers. Toys are always wanted, and not just by kids. Even adults like toys like Pet Simulator X!

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Pet Sim X Toys
pet sim x toys

pet sim x toys

At wozo, we’re proud to offer top pet sim x toys. They’re made from soft, high-quality material. You’ll find many colors to make your customers happy. These toys are not only cuddly but also strong and will last a long time.

Our toys can handle lots of play, great for kids of all ages. Best part? These pet sim x toys can be washed in a machine, so they’re easy to keep clean.

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Pet Simulator X Keychain
Pet Simulator X keychain

Pet Simulator X keychain

“One of the top Pet Simulator X toys out there is plush key chains of different characters. Why are they so popular? They’re very special and cute, perfect for giving to someone you care about, especially kids.

These adorable keychains look like different Pet Simulator X characters. They’re colorful with shiny sequins and have metal rings to attach keys. People really like these keychains because they can hang them on their bags or backpacks!”

FAQs About Simulator X Toys

Faqs About Simulator X Toys Wozo Sourcing

1) What are Pet Simulator X toys?

Pet Simulator X toys are physical merchandise based on the popular Roblox game Pet Simulator X. These toys typically include figures or plushies modeled after the virtual pets found in the game, along with related accessories or playsets.

2) Where can I buy Pet Simulator X toys?

Pet Simulator X toys can usually be purchased from various retailers, including online stores like Amazon, Walmart, and the official Roblox merchandise store. They may also be available at select toy stores and other retail outlets that stock gaming and Roblox-related merchandise.

3) Do Pet Simulator X toys come with in-game bonuses?

Some Pet Simulator X toys include codes that can be redeemed for exclusive in-game items or bonuses. These codes are typically found within the toy’s packaging and can be entered in the game for special rewards.

4) Are there different types of Pet Simulator X toys?

Yes, there are various types of Pet Simulator X toys available. These range from figures and plushies representing different pets in the game to playsets and other themed accessories. The variety and availability of toys can vary over time, with new releases and limited editions.

5) How can I know if a Pet Simulator X toy is authentic?

To ensure the authenticity of a Pet Simulator X toy, purchase from reputable retailers or directly from official sources. Check for official branding and packaging, and be cautious of unusually low prices or sellers with poor reviews, as these can be indicators of counterfeit products.

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