When you decide to import products from China, then the first and most important thing is that you need to figure out, what kind of products to import from China so that you can make money, no matter whether you want to sell by e-commerce or sell by offline stores.

The answer to this question will be quite different for people because it all depends on everyone’s business model, or depends on the business environment in their country.

For a lot of new importers or people who don’t have any experience in the marketplace, most of them will make a lot of common mistakes. Many of these mistakes will waste a lot of money and time. And sometimes the first failure will make many people give up their business dreams because they have wasted 1 or 2 years of savings by investing in the wrong products. Every year I have seen so many of these cases that get repeated repeatedly.

So in this article, I’m going to share with you the most correct and practical strategy to help you choose what kind of products you can import from China to make good money.

Trending products always become super hot-selling in a very short time, they just spread so fast like a virus, especially on the internet. And new sellers always want to get started with this kind of product, no matter whether they sell online or offline.

For example, we have a client who designs and sells pet smart collars. are high-tech collars that are sleeker than your average buckle collar and come packed with cool features like GPS that can track your dog’s location, monitor changes in their behavior, and even help with training. With our help, her business grew from a very small business to a million-dollar business in just two years.

The trend of the popularity of this kind of product always goes like this. It usually takes about six months to a year for a product to go from being unknown to becoming popular, with everyone wanting to buy it.

Of course, at this stage, numerous people want to buy products from China for resale to share a piece of cake of this business. Then it’s very easy to predict what is going to happen next.

But, it’s too late to sell a product. The demand for products is decreasing, even falling below what the market requires, resulting in declining profits. Only those who achieve significant sales emerge as winners in this scenario.

Trending Products
Trending products

In the period when the product trend still keeps going up, this kind of phenomenon is repeated again and again, and I can just name a lot of these kinds of cases. For example, loom bands, selfie sticks, hoverboards, fidget spinners, electronic products, and even the mask which is in large demand because of the COVID-19 epidemic.

To make money by selling this kind of product, the key point is not about how early you find this product. For personal protective products like masks, it’s all about do you have the strong ability to do the customs clearance, or whether you are qualified for selling and importing.

PPE products are not suitable for 99% of importers because they are not qualified. So in conclusion, we don’t recommend new importers to choose trending products.

Low-value but large demand products

A lot of new importers will think that a very low-value product but in very large demand in daily life will be a very good product to import from China.

For example, products like toilet paper, A4 printing paper, diapers, and also disposable paper cups. These goods can be purchased at Yiwu Market, they are the largest market specializing in wholesale of small commodities. These new importers find that Chinese manufacturers sell at much lower prices than what they can get from their local vendors in their countries, they think these kinds of products always have demand in the market, and they don’t need to worry that they are not able to sell out this product.

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Even though Chinese manufacturers sell this kind of product at a very low price, however, because they are low-value products, the average shipping cost for each product is still very expensive. So you have to ship this kind of product by a 40″HQ container load to minimize the shipping cost on each product, otherwise, you will have no profit.

But actually, this kind of product usually will have manufacturers in your country or maybe countries nearby. In the end, you will probably find that the cost of buying from local manufacturers is quite similar when compared with getting this kind of product so far away from China.

So if you are a new seller, then don’t choose this kind of product. Unless you are buying for your company’s use, or you have a very good relationship with big buyers from your local, and he can 100% make sure that if you can help him get a good price from China, he will buy from you 100%.

Ordinary products

In China, producing a pair of high-quality cotton socks typically costs only about $0.3. However, when shipping these socks to the United States, the cost ranges from $0.02 to $0.2 per pair, depending on the shipping method (by sea or air) and the quantity being shipped.

If you go to a retail store in the United States to buy a pair of cotton socks of this kind of quality, you have to pay at least 3 dollars. It looks like you will have 6 or 7 times more profit than the cost that you are paying to get them imported from China.

There are a lot of this kind of examples of similar products, such as towels, clothesscarf, hoodies, beach wear, backpacks, sunglasses, and more.

Ordinary Products To Import
Ordinary products to import

So are these products suitable for new importers to get from China? Of course, the answer is no.

For most developed countries or areas, most ordinary products are sold by big retailers. Most people, when they want to buy several pairs of socks, will just go to those big retailers, and they will never think about going into your small store, just to buy a pair of very ordinary and cheap socks. You will have very big pressure on the rent and also the labor costs.

Even though you want to sell these kinds of products through e-commerce, you still need to pay very expensive online marketing costs, which is also equivalent to the rent you need to pay for running an offline retail store. When you are doing online marketing, ordinary products can not capture buyers’ attention, and they are not interested in buying them.

For the past 10 years in China, numerous small manufacturers making general products have been dead. There are also numerous small shops matter it’s online or offline, if they are selling general products, they are either dead or are having a very hard time surviving.

For the socks, I have mentioned before. They are either sold by big retailers or sold by big sock manufacturers directly from their e-commerce stores.

So does it mean there’s no opportunity for ordinary products at all? Of course, there are opportunities, but only limited to the following two conditions.

Situation 1.

The first opportunity is to make more improvements or adjustments to this kind of general product, making it stand out from those ordinary types.

Situation 2.

The second opportunity is that if you are from a developing country, and you find some ordinary products haven’t been monopolized by big retailers, or this kind of product are still mainly sold by small individual businesses in street stores. Then this kind of product may work in your local.

Small demand products in a small market

If you have watched some video tutorials about how to choose products for e-commerce, you probably understand that good products are always not those with big market demand, just products in a very small demand in a very specific niche.

The small market demand means that you won’t have many competitors that selling the same thing, and customers are willing to spend more money to buy your products. Because there are not so many people selling this kind of product which can satisfy the demand of a small group of people. Even though the market demand is very small, it’s enough for you to make good money from this small group.

You know, we are a leading China sourcing company and over 50% of our clients are doing e-commerce, and the majority of them are doing the Amazon FBA business.

And the truth is that, of the million-dollar sellers we serve, most of them are selling this kind of product. Once you get focused on one product, it’s not very hard to achieve like 200,000 USD revenue a year just for one product.

Small Demand Products In A Small Market- Expandable Garden Hose
Small demand products in a small market- expandable garden hose

For example, for this kind of expandable garden hose, we have a couple of clients and all of them have achieved over 300,000 USD revenue for this product in just one year.

However, the profit of this products has become very low because the competition is very fierce. And now they changed to other products, because the return on investment for this product is too low.

Movie straps was used to be a very good niche product and they’re very good to use for moving furniture. And the acrylic makeup organizer is also used to be a very good niche product.

As the leading China sourcing company, we got tons of product inquiries every day, gradually we got this kind of very interesting ability, we can predict whether the client’s business will become successful, just by looking their product inquiries about what kind of product they want to make and get from China.

So, the small demand products in a small market are worth to try.

Specific product category

Except for this, you can spend most of your effort to discover any product opportunities in specific product category. This is also a very good strategy. Because you can take it as a very long-term business and it’s also easier to build your brand, of course, you can accumulate a lot of loyal customers.

For example, we have a client who designs and sells pet smart collars. are high-tech collars that are sleeker than your average buckle collar and come packed with cool features like GPS that can track your dog’s location, monitor changes in their behavior, and even help with training. With our help, her business grew from a very small business to a million-dollar business in just two years.

If you want to build a multi-million business, and you are going to spend 5 or even 10 years on that, you definitely need to choose a product category that you like and spend your time discovering any possible products and building your brand.

Now I’m sure that you probably have a very clear understanding of what kind of products you can import from China for good business. If you need our advice to help you analyze whether the product is worth importing from China, please leave a comment below or contact us directly. In the next posts, we will introduce how to do product research and some practical tips.


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